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There was Mannina Maga to kick start the lavish launch of ‘Bhumi Putra’. The rendezvous for launch was national college grounds. As Vaayu Putra director and 150 films actor in South India Arjun graced the venue, there was humble meeting with Mannina Maga HD Deve Gowda, former prime minister of India. Smt Chennamma Deve Gowda was also present for the launch. It was lighting the lamp Deve Gowda had done and wished to vacate the venue as he was on treatment from Dharmasthala Ayurvedic doctors. Around 9.45 pm Arjun Sarja came up on stage to face the first shot captured by PKH Doss on S Narayan direction. The crowd slowly receded and the final speech of Arjun Sarja came up. S Narayan had told whatever he wanted to in a recorded message.

There was dance program from Shadows One, MD Kaushik magic show was aimed at HD Kumaraswamy former CM life sketch. Sa Ra Govindu was present for the clap of the first shot. There were fireworks in the sky. On this occasion for the protection of cows a campaign done by Ramachandrapura Math, producer Prabhukumar presented a cheque, Saravana MLC and Sai Gold Palace announced Rs.1 lakh on the spot.

S Narayan has made it very clear that it is not documentary film on HD Kumaraswamy. When producer Prabhu Kumar (Babu Reddy) came up with the idea he was astonished. At first go he did not accept, he said he had to talk to HD Kumaraswamy on this issue. HDK first rejected outright. Producer Prabhukumar did not stop his pressing on making a film on ‘HD Kumaraswamy’ regime as chief minister of twenty months. When the approval finally came up, it was the choice of Arjun Sarja. It is he who played one day chief minister role stated S Narayan.

Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda memory went to earlier films of S Narayan. By mistake he said Narayan has directed Yajamana. He was correct with the names of Chandra Chakori and Suryavamsha. I would see the film and find out the mistakes if there is any said former PM. I very closely watch that the people everywhere want a regional party. That is because of the good governance my son had given.

Sa Ra Govindu in his address stated that S Narayan has taken up a daunting task. ‘Huththakke Kai Hakididdaare’. I have seen many CMs in the past but HDK is different. Today a producer needs ‘Entede’ to make a film observed Sa Ra Govindu.


Arjun Sarja of over 150 films in Indian languages is on a happy mood at his nostalgic moments at the launch of ‘Bhumi Putra’ at National College grounds on Monday night.

He was chief minister of one day in ‘Mudalavan’. He is taking up 20 months regime of HDK in this film ‘Bhumi Putra’.

On Monday night at 9.45 PM Arjun faced the camera for the muhurut shot remembered that it is at this ground he played cricket and football. It is in National High school I studied and from this place the ‘Gokak Chaluvali’ kicked off and I was in the vehicle of Dr Rajakumar he mentioned his school days memories.


I was one day chief minister in the film ‘Mudalavan’ and today I am 20 months chief minister of ex chief minister HD Kumaraswamy in this film ‘Bhumi Putra’.

When the story was narrated I told S Narayanji to make it commercially viable. As HD Kumaraswamy on screen I dance, fight etc. don’t blame me for that.  I have acted in over 150 films with different directors but this one is quite different. The required elevation is added now. I am not attached to any political party but through this one I am donning the JDS political personality life sketch that is very important portion.


Interesting is that we are adding something what he could not do as chief minister in the film. I am confident that S Narayan would direct an interesting film for audience felt Arjun.

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