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The one who log out is called as ‘Gultoo’ in the computer language – the film is based on the cyber crime is generating lot of interest from its trailers and songs in the social media. It is set for release on 30th of March.

Director Janardhan Chikkanna further explains that the word ‘Log Out’ is mixed and referred as ‘Gultoo’ – English letters converted to Kannada letters!

Using the digital media the individual information in face book is used in wrong way. It is time to be very careful on this aspect. It is only when you don’t logout properly such crimes occur. The film makes an attempt to alert the people on this aspect.

How we should be safe in the social media – the film passes message. A villager coming to study engineering, his adjustment to city, environment, his personality change, and some troubles shooting for him is the role of Naveen Shanker. Naveen as hero got the real meaning for the title on the pre release meet. Using face book, twitter is not the world. There is one outside. There is advantage and disadvantage. The common people would know the essence of this film. The two shades are explained in the film with blue color photo. Sonu Gowda in lead is computer training teacher in this film.

When the crime is detected in the film the doubt lies on everyone in the film. Rangayana Raghu is chief minister, Avinash is police officer, and five songs of this film are scored by Amith Anand.

Producers Prashanth Reddy and Devaraj have invested Rs.2 crores on this film `Gultoo`. They are hoping for good results from 50 odd theatres where the film is releasing on this Friday.

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