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Title – Haalu Thuppa, Producer – Dodmane Venkatesh, Direction – Shashank Raj, Music – Indra Sena, Cinematography – RV Nageshwara Rao, Cast – Gaddappa, Century Gowda, Pawan Soorya, Mouna, Honnavalli Krishna, Nagaraj Kote, Basavaraj Katti, Jayaram and others.
For producer Dodmane Venkatesh film in ‘Smitha Enterprises’, director Shashank Raj has given a commendable film with good story line and proper utilization of artists and technicians.
For all these time from ‘Thithi’, Century Gowda and Gaddappa were shown in double meaning dialogue but this is quite different.

On the music front Indra Sena has done pretty good job and Nageshwara Rao has showcased every shot of the film with good quality.
What is this Haalu Thuppa all about? Here is a desi doctor (Nati Aushadi) Gaddappa. His sole intention is to reunite the broken hearts of the two villages. He goes on giving medicine to needy people but one fine day he faces a wrong tagging to his life. He is billed as ‘Kushta Rogi’ and village people decide to send him out of village for six months as it would spread among the villages.
The Desi Doctor Gaddappa leaves the village but wrong information reaches the village that he is dead. The customary ‘Halu Thuppa’ practice is also done. What is truth surface and knowing that Gaddappa is alive, it becomes a problem again.
The problematic Gaddappa moves away from everyone but on his journey. He has the rare quality of giving desi medicine that cures one of the cancer patients. This spreads like a wild fire and reaches the New Delhi for an award to his ‘Desi medicine’.
Gaddappa reaching New Delhi is great news for his village people. It is from this place in television channels he calls for reunite of his villages. That is a good platform for the lovers from two villages Pawan and Mouna.
No feud in the adjacent village is a good issue taken up by Shashank Raj in this film. Gaddappa, Century Gowda, Honnavalli Krishna, Pawan, Mouna have given precise performance.
Indrasena steals the show in two songs. Nageshwara Rao cinematography is apt in digital camera.
  3/5 ***
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