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Doddamane Venkatesh is in rejoicing mood for two lovely occasions in life. Producer of ‘Payana’ movie known for unforgettable songs Dodmane Venkatesh is having release of his film ‘Halu Thuppa’….Idu Thithi Alla and a few days later his daughter Smitha is getting married. With film and marriage on his hand Dodmane Venkatesh firmly says marriage of his daughter is more important than everything in life.

At the media briefing on Sunday evening at Green House Raj Milan – Gaddappa and Century Gowda were present. Both sought support and urged the people to watch their film. Handling both was difficult and I adjusted to their pattern in life mentioned director Shashank Raj in his address. The film also has last song of late LN Shastry claims director but there is another film song that LN Shastry delivered that is recorded for the film.

‘Halu Thuppa’ culture often referred for the ceremonies after death of a person. No it is not so, it is used for the good purposes – festivals and merry occasions says Goolihatti director Shashank Raj addressing the media.
Halu Thuppa has the caption ‘Thithi Alla....also clears the doubt that this is referred to good occasions. But the presence of ‘Thithi’ actors Century Gowda and Gaddappa director focus is that life should be as smooth as ‘Thuppa’ and as clean as ‘Milk’ that is Halu.
Dilse Dilip has written four songs for that Jogi Prem, Chandan Shetty, Indu Nagaraj lent their voice. Indra has done the music and RV Nageshwara Rao is cameraman, Sai Ram has penned dialogues.
With Century Gowda and Gaddappa, Honnavalli Krishna, Jayaram are also in the cast. Pawan Soorya is lead actor. This is his third film. Mouna is female lead.
Dodmane Venkatesh associated with quite a few films in Kannada is investing on this film in Bhumiputra banner. He wanted to make a film with super stars. Finally he agreed for this film with a condition that the film should be viewed by all the family members.
Raghavendra, Shanker and Suresh trio distributors are releasing this film in nearly 150 theatres. Santosh is main theatre for the film. the new distributors in Kannada cinema have watched the film in Dodmane Venkatesh home theatre and then liked the subject immensely.
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