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Title – Pushpaka Vimana, Producers - Vikyat, Sukruth, Deventa Raj, Deepak Kishor and Deepak Krishna, Direction – Ravindra, Music – Charan Raj, Cinematography – Bhuvan Gowda, Cast – Ramesh Aravind, Baby Yuvina Parthavi, Rachita Ram, Manadip Rai, Ravi Kaale, Sidlingu Sridhar, Juhi Chawla (guest role) and others.

Very rarely films of this kind come on silver screen. It has come to the right actor Ramesh Aravind. Grown up in age but not mentally, the challenged father faces challenges for securing a Vimana (aero plane) model for his daughter. The process in fact melts any stony hearts; it keeps you in silence for sometime at the climax. The culprit not punished but wrongly framed Anantharamayya facing capital punishment keeps you thinking on where is law? Finally the grown up daughter of Anantharamayya – Puttalakshmi turns lawyer and picks up the 20 years old case of her father – re opening also does not bring justice.

Inspired from ‘Miracle in cell No 7’, director Ravindra handled the film in a very competitive way. This 100th film of Ramesh Aravind has the strength to find a place worldwide for release.

Once the innocent to the core Anantharamayya is framed in child death (daughter of police commissioner), the audience know it is no mistake of his but environment frame Anantharamayya as culprit.

On reaching the cell with five in the company, Anantharamayya saves the life of a colleague in the cell. He comes close to his heart and his innocence is understood. In turn of help Anantharamayya beg that he wants to see his daughter. The game plan here to bring in Putlakshmi is very interesting. To the shock of everyone the court order that passes takes the life of Anantharamayya.

The young Putlakshmi gets support from jailor (Ravi Kaale) in her life. She becomes a lawyer and takes up her father case because she was witness as a young girl.

For wrong framing of Anantharamayya, the justice is denied. Emotion filled Putlakshmi at least bring it to the notice that her father was not a culprit in child death.

Ramesh Aravind all time best performance. He has remained extremely good to his role. Struggled hard and given good results. Yuvina Parthavi is not to miss in all her frames. Rachita Ram as grown up Yuvina Parthavi is splendid in her performance. Ravi Kaale and Sidlingu Sridhar roles are absorbing. The five in the jail as companions to Anantharamayya have given super results.

Charan Raj is second hero of the film after Ramesh Aravind. All his scorings are melodious, timely adjusted and wonderfully written.

Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda through his lighting and framing takes the film to another level. He is the future notable cameraman of Kannada filmdom.

The editing is tight and crispy, dialogues of Guruprasad are superb. There is no reason for you to miss this film!

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