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HEBBULI It is terrific treat
Posted date: 23 Thu, Feb 2017 03:07:38 PM

Title Hebbuli, producer - Raghunath and Umapathy, Direction - S Krishna, music - Arjun Janya, Cinematography - Karunakar, Cast - Kichcha Sudeep, Amala Paul, V Ravichandran, Ravi Kishan, Ravi Kaale, Ravishanker, Kabir, Avinash, Cauvery, Danny Kuttappa, Sarovar Sanjeev, K Manju and others.

Sudeep at his best in action and emotion filled film Hebbuli is having good striking point for the society.  Starting from surgical strike,  it ends on the needs of Generic medicine in thus country.  In between two vital handlings the cool romance,  simple comedy,  powerful  action, thunder like action is a best entertainer from producers raghunath and umapathi.

'Sayodakke sidda adonu sainika agthane,  deshane kapadak munde bandonu avana kutumba touch madidre sumne irthana'.... This is what exactly happens.  Because captain ram was brought up in life like that by his brother  district collector sathyamurthy.  Olle kelsa madakke yarannu kelbekilla... Kettadakke yochane madabeku.  This is on this principle dc sathyamurthy faces stiff opposition  when he makes a research on generic medicine to support poor and needy of this country.  The pharmaceutical  lobby is very strong. Three rabble rousers,  kabir,  Ravishanker and ravikishan take on ravichandran ala dc sathyamurthy.  Sathyamurthy suicide case is posted CBI. The entry of  captain ram takes on this bloody lobby. The technology support and military support is now a surgical strike inside the country for a super status to the society. The war on Generic Medicine is at last won,
Every bit of handling by s krishna in this mammoth film is brilliant.  The senses, scientific method and superior quality of thinking of this director deserves applaud.
It is sudeep who takes the big responsibility on his shoulder.  The cool and swashbuckling style is impeccable.  In sundari sundari song you find jovial sudeep. In consoling niece he is good brother, in guarding his sister in law,  he is like head of family. Of course he is a growing actor from film to film.
V ravichandran role reminds of real life dc d k ravi. Ravi in elder brother role is haunting.  Amala paul done well,  cauvery back in kannada is apt,  Ravishanker outshines ravikishan. Chikkanna comedy is tragic.
Arjun janya has lent three lovely tunes. Karunakar cinematography is high point of the film.  Costume and make up for the film is trendy.

There is no reason for you to miss this well made film hebbuli.

Action and emotion well balanced fkr family audience.

Score – 4/5 ***


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