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Posted date: 12 Tue, May 2020 01:30:39 PM

The foursome – two each on one side – Veena Sunder and Sunder Veena plus Sunethra Pandit and Ramesh Pandit on the other side created a funny video that is a laughing stock gathering good attention.

Take a look at the conversation of two couples and enjoy.

A quarantined creation from team Nammane Productions - Sourabh Kulkarni, Namratha T, Aravind Rao, Bhargava Hegde, Purnananda Bhaskar, Sanjay MS, Madesh M, Kitty Koushik are in the team.

Those who are on board in this fun filled program captured from their respective homes says Saurabh Kulkarni.

Sihikahi Chandru was in the first episode, second episode is Sunder Veena couple and Sunethra Pandit couple, third one PD Satish is on board.

Sourabh, Anjan Bharadwaj, Pacho Srimathi Shalini, Anil Kumar, Nayana Paanyam, Diya film heroine Kushi Ravi are in the episodes that is getting good views in social media.

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