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Title – Hyper, Producer – M Karthik, Direction – Ganesh Vinayak, Music – D Iman, Cinematography – Shakthivel, Cast – Arjun Arya, Sheela, Rangayana Raghu, Shobaraj, Achyuthkumar, Veena Sunder, Umesh Punga and others.

Arjun Arya in ‘Hyper’ has put a solid effort and he wins from his looks, action, dialogue delivery and dance. No doubt the film is impressive in a few angles and for the youths of today the care attached is focused primarily in the first half.

Ganesh Vinayak is intelligent. He makes the lovers to understand what exactly love in life. The possessiveness of the lover is expressed as doubt. This is nothing but a care says the director. On the other hand the misconception of lover eradicates only after realization. Love for lust is different and love for life is what is needed.

The protagonist Surya is in love with Sapna. His intermittent calls are considered as a bore and it is coming in the way of freedom for Sheela. Surya makes Sapna to understand precisely what he means to her. On the other hand Sapna is in confusion with another boy in the college.

With this dillydallying in the first half we also see the father love for his daughter (Achyuthkumar and Sheela). We have another rabble rouser team lifting girls and finishing arresting the modesty. The police are on the hunt.

In the second half interesting developments crops up as Sapna realizes her love for Surya and also for her father. Destiny has something else in store. What is that you to watch. Good action is assured in the second half. The missing of Sapna leads to some tension and chewing of nails.

Arjun Arya has lover boy, dancing hero and action is a treat to watch. He has muscles and power to satisfy the action lovers. He has very well adjusted to the role.

Sheela is ‘Chand Ka Tukda’. When she is angry, expressing happiness looks very beautiful. Rangayana Raghu, Achyuth Kumar and Shobaraj have given a neat and tidy performance.

There are three lovely tunes from Imman and two are foot tapping and one is melodious. Cinematography by Shakthivel is another cynosure of this film.

Love story is told umpteen numbers of times. That is quite different in this film. That is enough for you to watch this film.

Score – 3.5/5

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