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Title – Hombanna, Producer – Ramakrishna Nigade, Direction – Rakshit Thirthahally, Music – Vinu Manasu, Cinematography – Praveen S, Cast – Subbu Talabi, Dhanu Gowda, Varsha Acharya, Pavitra, Sharmitha Shetty, Dattanna, Suchendraprasad, Ninasam Ashwath, Mysuru Mimicry Gopi (imitating Siddaramaiah chief Minister), Ambujakshi, Kumar Arase Gowda and others.

The first time director Rakshit Thirthahali has left a good stamp but the commercial aspects lacking is not a worry. The content narration is exceedingly good. The various boundaries he has touched in just 129 minutes cinema ‘Hombanna’ gets him a good accolade. He has caught hold of good music and cinematography. Some funny moments and some startling situations to keep the audience in the edge of their seats were required. However this group of engineers at work, there are many fine elements that speaks on the truth.

On the selection of locations, mixing of culture, right pick of actors the team of ‘Hombanna’ headed by producer Ramakrishna Nigade has not compromised. It is a good treat in fact from these departments.


The journey of this film starts from a television journalist showing curiosity on Hebbette Betta surroundings. People believe that there is ghost effect, there is Homba with sister and others, there is village chieftain, a journalist of a newspaper, the police to debase a revolutionary gang Navakranthi, there is a lawyer David, Moorthanna in support of people, a forest police, a politician and a few youths from city.

The emphasis is on the forest encroachment. Homba and team are not ready to leave the land they are tilling. It is ancestral areas they are cultivating. The forest police that come to evacuate them feel sorry and the officer resigns his job. The village chieftain wants the Homba and team to go away and so is politician. A lawyer and social servant (played by Suchendraprasad and Dattanna respectively) make efforts to retain the as is condition.

What happens to the Homba struggle? The political interventions help in any way? What repercussion the status of Homba is brought in the television channel? There is one more unexpected character. You have to watch all these developments.

The travails of farmers in the forest land and other proceedings are captured in the beautiful landscapes, customs, culture, festivities, language and lifestyle of farmers living in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.

All the characters in the film have performed convincingly. Suchendraprasad and Dattanna are immaculate.

The music of this film is major plus point . The cinematography is highly competitive. ‘Hombanna’ has different colors in the form of characters. A good attempt from Sanchalana Movies!


3/5 ***

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