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After completing shooting state award winning director Narendra Babu (Kabbaddi fame) came before the media for audio release of the film ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’ – the title of this film is derived from one of the poems of Sri Kanakadaasa. Of course the heroine of this film Radhika Chetan is an on life Garment seller and affluent because of her profession. On Saturday night audio CD of ‘HGBG’ audio CD was released by Smt Gayathri Ananthnag at Citadel Hotel.

It is the two generation gap that Narendra Babu has traveled in the screenplay. Ananthnag versatile actor has shown immense interest at the script level. When three subjects were narrated to him, he picked this one of Narendra Babu. On the story line approved by Ananthnag and Gayathri, he worked on screenplay and dialogue to convince the couple.

The main reason for Ananthnag to accept this film is the profound thinking and theatre background in Narendra Babu. In the Ramananda role in ‘Kabhira’ he offered to him a philosophical line – Moksha, Dikshe, Krupe Enu Illa…only Prema is permanent was immensely liked by Ananthnag.

For Narendra Babu it is a dream to work with Ananthnag. He had seen Ananthnag first at ‘Nanna Thamma Shankara’ book release decades ago. When he came in to contact with one of the producers Sudarshan, the thought in his mind was also to cast Ananthnag. Another producer Ramamurthy added up. When he started shooting for some portions the high rise buildings was essential and it was Gayathri suggested Dubai shoot. Ananthnag suggested shoot idea to Harish Sherigar of ‘March 22’ film. Third producer added to the film because one week shooting and expenditure is part of Harish Sherigar and Sharmila Sherigar in Dubai. Vinay Kumar executed everything in Dubai on Harish Sherigar advice.

Narendra Babu was in speed to so many things about the film was also in sort of tension. The specialty of Ananthnag between speech and silence – for this film he has worked at script level using five color pens to mark priorities remembered Narendra Babu. The film is on living relations of today and the older generation outlook he stated in a nutshell.

The dream of first producers Sudarshan and Rammurthy is to make a film. When they were traveling in college days in a bus, the thought of film making came to their mind and it is happening today. Explaining the cordial atmosphere Rammurthy remembered an incident. He was looking tensed up. Gayathri Madam noticed it and relieved my tension by explaining how everyone is doing their work with involvement. Ananthnag never got so deep into the subject and others are working hard feel good for it she mentioned. Rammurthy was so happy after that.

Harish Sherigar explained that the biggest tower in the world Burj Khalifa interior is used for the first time for Kannada film. So far permission was not given he remembered and felt happy for part of third Ananthnag film in his career. For Radhika Chetan ‘U Turn’ heroine this film is going to be a new turn he made a forecast.

Ramachandra Hadpad a Hindustani classical musician has composed four tunes for the first time in his career. I feel it is fortunate to work with one of the best actors of the world Ananthnagji he mentioned. There is Sufi style, Tumri style, party song and melodious one. Shwetha Prasad one of the singers came to the dais and rendered a few lines of the song Agnaanadinda….

For Radhika Pandit, half of the nod for the film was when Ananthnag name was announced as key protagonist. Of course I was selected by producers and when I heard the script was impressed with corporate style of role. The difference of real life relations is well thought out. I was given bound script but I forgot to bring to sets. A graceful actor had his script in his hand made me feel very bad. We have things to learn from such a giant she pointed.
According to Ananthnag this kind of subject and narration pattern is not thought out in any films so far. He is very confident about it. The firm stand of director Narendra Babu and his affection to mother – as he travel everyday to Channapatna impressed me. He has good theatre background that made me draw very near to the subject he narrated explained Ananthnag.
When Ananthnag checked with director Narendra Babu what kind of role he is playing the answer was such a moving one. Sir you are like Prashantha Samudra. You receive all rivers that flow to sea. You just receive the new generation. Radhika Chetan represent younger generation was another beauty from director he liked much.
At the audio release of HGBG art director Purushottam handed over a portrait of Ananthnag that he had written using the 244 films names of versatile actor. 
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