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It is just 9 nine days ahead to know whether Sumalatha Ambarish will be in cloud nine situation or not. May 23 is the announcement of Lok Sabha results.

Whether Sumalatha Ambarish an independent candidate likes the Issue Based Politics or Value Based politics in the wake of winning the seat and supporting the ruling Party? Thinking for a while Sumalatha Ambarish present to media after ‘Daughter of Parvathamma’ trailer and audio launch said she is interested in Issue based politics.

It is a right thought on the part of Sumalatha Ambarish when she remains independent in the Lok Sabha without joining any political party. She would support the ruling party in case she wins on the issue based politics.

Sumalatha Ambarish was right in her thought because from the day she decided to contest Mandya Lok Sabha she was referring to her people and their issues. There are many unsolved issues of Mandya people that would even make ‘Athma’ of Ambarish very happy. Putting up the issues of her people to fulfill for support to the ruling party is a right proposition.

Sumalatha answering this question also proved that she is not only pretty but very intelligent in her thoughts. As everyone observes Sumalatha Ambarish has not lost temper on many difficult situations and her cool temperament has in fact earned the oppositions also in facing the election battle.

Now once again opting for issue based politics to serve her people, she had shown her excellence.

On inquired whether she is in some sort of tension as the days are nearing for counting, the intelligent lady said no tension at all. I am maintaining a cool temperament she stated.

Sumalatha Ambarish thanked the makers and team of ‘Daughter of Parvathamma’ for wishing on her winning in LS election.

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