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Category – Love Story, Duration – 120 minutes, Score – 4/5

Title – I Love You, Producer – R Chandru, Direction – R Chandru, Music – Dr Kiran T, Cinematography – Sugnan, Cast – Upendra, Rachita Ram, Sonu Gowda, PD Satish and others.

Director of a few successful films R Chandru shouldering the production from ‘I Love You’ with top stars Upendra (he is Abhimanigala Chakravarthy from this film), Rachita Ram, Sonu Gowda has arrived at latest style of ‘Eradu Kanasu’ Kannada cinema. The 35 years ago Eradu Kanasu of Dr Rajakumar, Kalpana and Manjula was very sober but aimed at family.

Now in I Love You Kannada film director R Chandru has used the filter less Upendra played it to gallery in dialogues but served fully for the family audience.

How best a wife can safeguard her husband – you can know form this ‘I Love You’. As Rachita Ram character rightly says ‘Love’ means Olave Jeevana Saakshaatkaara. That is what Sonu Gowda as Gowri a village girl married to Santosh Narayan a multi millionaire follows.

Memory of love, that too first love, haunts very much. It is Santosh who guards his love even after 10 years. He even says his lover Dharmika name in the sleep. Santosh is married to Gowri with a girl child always draws away from his family attachment. This is the big worry for Gowri.

Dharmika is so haunting for Santosh because she had rejected his proposal and the days he spent teaching her ‘Love’ definition among various are memorable for him. The practical love Santosh explains Dharmika is what irks her. Dharmika moves out of her place to a far off place. Santosh follows her and this time he proposes her with a rose bouquet. That does not work out for him. Dharmika yells at him and says the few pages left for thesis on ‘Love’ are now fulfilled.

What next? Santosh brings in changes in his life as his father dies in an accident and that gets him a job in the college of his father.

After 10 years Dharmika calls up Santosh and that is surprising. Dharmika even ask for booking a room to speak to Santosh. The calculations in the mind of Santosh changes drastically. He even buys Rs.3.5 crore work diamond ring to present her and keep her as his wife. The destiny is something else for Santosh when he begins the conversation with Dharmika.

For Upendra his style and sizzle is maintained. The hot song with Rachita Ram is very beautifully shot. Two lovely actions for fans is another feast. Upendra is emotional too at places.

The lovely lady Rachita Ram is superb again. She has great strength for her role. The hot song is a pleasant surprise in her career. Sonu Gowda you feel like folding your hands and saluting her. PD Satish dialogue delivery is very good like his new wig.

Dr Kiran has done a spectacular work in music. There are three lovable songs. Sugnan has given the best visuals for the eyes.

This film ‘I Love You’ is not just for Upendra fans but for the entire family.

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