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Title – Idolle Ramayana, Banner – Prakash Raj Films, Direction – Prakash Raj, Music – maestro Ilayaraja, Cinematography – Sukes, Cast – Prakash Raj, Priyamani, Achyuth Kumar, Doddanna, Aravind Kuplikar, Nagendra Shah, Sudha Belawadi, Bharagavi Narayan, Teju Prakash and others.

After watching this film ‘Idolle Ramayana’ you would feel ‘Idolle Kathe Aithalla’. Reason – the giant actor Prakash Rai is locked in the room and he is not allowed do anything is nothing like a cake without sweet in it.

The film has a reference to the prestige of a man becoming most important. With his village ready for Sri Ramanavami Utsav, his ‘Ramayana’ is on how to keep up the prestige of his life.

The film good in dialogues here and there (Jogi and Prakash Rai), should have been better to hold the attention. You cannot contain the gigantic actor without developments that rock for box office.

He is like ‘Raavan’ in the family. He controls his wife and daughter but his mother gives back in the house. He wants his daughter to get marry without her permission. His daughter has intentions of studying further. Her socialization is mistaken by this ‘Raavan’ – Bhujangaiah (Prakash Rai). The locking point in the life for Bhujanjgaiah is when he gets out of house for satisfaction with friends and gulps a few pegs in excess. He looks at Priyamani (You can call me Bangaru she says later) and evinces interest. The auto driver Bhujangaiah Chela talks to the call girl and they are posted in a small shop. After one hour I would come back says auto driver but developments go against Bhujangaiah. In the prescribed time auto driver does not reach. Bhujangaiah is forced to stay overnight with pretty girl. Instead of doing for what he came, Bhujangaiah starts worrying on his prestige that is at stake. There is a tale of lost script for Achyuth Kumar. The auto driver has kept this in the room where he locked Bhujangaiah and Priyamani. What is further? You can have a calm watch.

Prakash Rai under playing in this film explains the situation of a portion of public in the society who are in such a situation. Priyamani as call girl not only pretty but acted well in the given space. Achyuth Kumar, Aravind, Bhargavi Narayan, Teju Prakash characters strikes to get notice in the film.

Maestro Ilayaraja magic is not appealing. The song in the film comes at the end = audience would have walked out of the theatres. This is not a right respect to the legend.

Sukes in the real locations captured attention for his cinematography. There is no great deal about editing from Srikar Prasad and Shashidhar Adapa art work does not get right focus.

This is a harmless watch but warns you on your ‘Wants’ in life!

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