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Duration – 93 minutes 04 seconds, Category – children film, Rating – 3/5

Title – DEVARU BEKAGIDDAARE, Producer – Horizon Films, Direction – Kenja Chetan Kumar, Music – Juevin, Cinematography – Rudramuni, Cast – Master Anoop, S Shivaram, Prasad Vasishta, Sathyanath and others.

This is a film with touching elements and innocence of the child Master Anoop is high point of the film. In his debut director Kenja Chetan Kumar touched on the 2 crore orphan kids of this country. Instead of having second child adopting a child would solve the orphan children problem of this country he suggests through this film ‘Devaru Bekagiddaare’.

In a ghastly accident 13 persons drown in a river and just one baby survives. The people of this village are not ready to take care of the child. It is old man Shivaramanna decide to consider the child as one of his family members. The family members oppose and Shivaramanna walks out of the house with the child.

Shivaramanna owns a CD shop and in this place with the help of his assistant Kitty gives good care for the child. He gives the name of Appu to the child (Master Anoop). Every day one Dr Rajakumar film is shown to bring good ideals in the child. On this pretext the child is also admitted to Kannada Anganavadi school.

As the child grows Dr Rajakuma films attracts very much and one day watching Bhaktha Prahallada cinema the child knows that Dr Rajakumar has gone to the place of God. Appu that is Puneeth Rajakumar called God and Sri Narasimha avatara confirms this child Appu knows GOD. Meeting Appu he shows GOD and then he can find his parents is the thought of the child Appu.

This innocence of the child brings him to Bengaluru after the demise of his Thaata Shivaramanna. He comes in to contact with a security guard Sathyanath and mobile canteen owner Prasad Vasishta. Even these two are surprised with the innocence of the child Appu. Appu is told that he is waiting at a wrong house to find Puneeth Rajakumar. When duplicate Rajakumar is shown he is not satisfied. When the arrangement for Appu is made to reach a safe house that gives parental care…Appu walks out without informing anyone in the dark. Appu fails to meet answer for his innocence.

The trump card of this film ‘Devaru Bekagdiddaare’ is Master Anoop innocence. It is a brilliant portrayal from this child actor. Shivaramanna gives good performance, Prasad Vasishta and Sathyanath gives good support.

Two songs in the film ‘Doorada Oorige…and Akashakke Nakshtra….are very good and timely for the film – Juevin also gives good background score. Cinematography of Rudramuni lends some beautiful close up shots of the artists.

Devaru Bekagiddaare is an eye opener film.

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