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Posted date: 4/September/2009

At last the Father and Daughter cinema on the screen has come. For the first time in the film history a father and daughter of real life combination has come. Father as professor falling in love with his student a real life daughter Shalini is not only the cinema all about. It has beautiful lines, lovely songs, good cinematography, and good dialogues too!

Professor Manjunatha Rao is mistaken for the hug his student Pallavi gives in the staff room. This is to invoke the element of love in her boy friend Charan the hugging of professor is enacted by Pallavi. By this time professor Rao is already in love and this hugging confirms him that he can have a companion in the evening of his life. But it is not evening of life for Pallavi – who is at the morning break fast time of her life. Probably for much of break fast in her real life too the reel Pallavi the real life Shalini looks so buxom. Especially in the song Arrarree….Birugali her costume is very bad.

Let us come to another beautiful scene of the film that further mounts up the ‘Aase’ in professor. The professor is breathless and needs artificial respiration. Pallavi pumps the air via the mouth of the professor to save him from death in a pitiable condition. The professor identifies the lipstick of Pallavi on his lips (lip lock between father and daughter do not mistake) and further makes calculations.

Professor Rao says ‘Eno Kalkothini emba Bhaya, Padithini emba Chala’ – Pallavi replies to professor Rao what she hears from him is not able to understand. For professor only three things are important – Preethi, Preethi and Preethi!

Look at the scene of the professor Rao in the house. He has a daughter (adopted) of the age of 22 years that is almost the age of his student Pallavi in the college. Knowing the ‘kiss’mat connection of her father and Pallavi daughter Chethu says to father ‘Nowadays when you call me Chethu – I hear like ‘Chi Thoo’!

Professor consumes a bottle of pills. We have to assume that it is end of him. But after 20 years professor with gray hair now is professor again in the same college. He is teaching the daughter of Pallavi his ex lover. Professor Rao says to the young daughter….sorry grand daughter age girl that I am the student of your mother Pallavi.

Shalini has to cut down her fatness and increase her acting potentiality. Obesity has come as a disturbance for her. BP Srinivas is a ‘Haali-Wood’ actor! Ganashri is convincing but not Gaurav who is in the role of Charan.

Thutiya Anchalli Nintha Mathondu Kannanchali Jaari Hoythu…is fabulous indeed. The dialogues are very good in this film – Roga and Anuraaga Thumba Divsa Muchchidakkagalla…is popular line.

If you have time in the evening you may walk in to this film on a girl friend in the evening of life cinema!

Banner – Sri Ranganatha Swami Productions, Producer Story and direction – BP Srinivas, Cinematography – Satish, Music – AM Neel, Cast – BP Srinivas, Shalini, Kashi, Navanith, Maina Chandru, Suma Rao, Ganashri and others

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