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Posted date: 04 Mon, Sep 2017 – 08:36:59 AM
A multi talented Karthik Venkatesh of ‘Darpana’ Kannada cinema on the way to get Guinness World record for his 21 division work handled alone. He got the Limca Record Book recently for his distinction. After the release of the film and fulfilling necessary requirements he hopes to get Guinness World Record. As of now the record stands in the name of Japanese for working in 15 departments of a cinema.
The news he breaks to is that he is working on ‘Hybrid’ a romantic, scientific thriller (sperm of a man and egg of a female dog) combination is his new thought.
This ‘Hybrid’ is made in Kannada and Hindi languages say Karthik Venkatesh. Darpana is heading for release on 8th of September.
Apparently Karthik is not working in some of the departments for his ‘Hybrid’ cinema. Story and screenplay is getting final touches. He is likely to score music and direct the film. 
Mega Endeavour --- made on a mammoth budget of around 5 crores, Hybrid is purely a Sci-Fiction, unlike DARPANA  which was a science-fact movie.    Hybrid is based on the Biological Generics concept of cross-breed creatures and some sequences may be shot in Foreign Countries -- like Italy and Bangkok ---  and has plenty of VFX----and is a bilingual made in Kannada and Hindi.  This action. -filled thriller will have grand daring mind blowing stunts wich have been composed by Karthik Venkatesh  and Stunt-directed by  Power Pushparaj of Rangitaranga  fame who also worked with Karthik  in a DARPANA.  Karthik Venkatesh  plans to shoot this in a Hollywoodish scale and says that Kannada movie-making will reach Baahubhali and Enthiran standards with this mega-venture.   Plenty of science, animals, genetic engineering nd biological manipulation science concepts can be explored in ths commercial flick hand-in-hand with Romantic elements, Family Drama,  Revenge emotions and above all  a powerful social  message -- an attempt to cleanse the corrupt education  system. The poster and the first-look motion posters have grabbed the audience attention already.   The movie features 6 songs conposed and lyriced by Karthik Venkatesh  himself who will also don the responsibility  of the Background Score and SFX as well.   
The starcast for Hybrid -- none have been selected so far.  But the striking thing is HUGE MEGA Auditions and interviews will be held post-Darpana to finalize the starcast . 
Sandalwood eagerl look forward to ths sci-fi flick with which Karthik Venkatesh  believes  that the future movies would witness the next-gen out-of-the-box evolved scripts meeting the best standards and not the same age-old formula stories! 
This next bold,  daring,   meaningful venture of his HYBRID will be not just directed but produced mainly by him -- Karthik Venkatesh himself -  with partners teaming up -- and will be made under the banner Jah's Creative  Inn Productions  
Karthik Venkatesh  expects to begin it soon after Darpana  with the grace of is Almighty God Jehovah.


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