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This is an eye opener from skilful director Dayal Padmanabhan with Umesh Banakar as joint producer. The points the film ‘Haggada Kone’ raises are shame to the social system we are living in today.

A 102 minutes well thought and well performed besides lovely dialogues from Naveen Krishna is a film for all. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

The most touching, disturbing and shame to the rulers of Indian democracy is in the conversation between Naveen Krishna who is facing capital punishment and Jailor Suchindra Prasad. The clever knowledge of Chenna Keshava obviously makes Jailor to tell him ‘You should have been ‘Kalegara’ but you have become ‘Kolegara’.

The film contents drawn from Late Parvathavani short play written in 1963 – the film is also set to those days. It is Naveen Krishna dialogue that is the trump card of the film.

For the heinous crime of a person in the family the drastic step of Chennakeshava is killing. This important scene is not delivered to the eyes of the audience till the rope is fixed. When Chenna request to recollect his memory before he is hanged the crime comes before the eyes of the audience is nothing but a very clever handling of screenplay by Dayan Padmanabhan.

The mother and son conversation in the film is also touching. The audiences get alert when Chenna ask the jailor – can I see the sun rise. It is not so as the hang is fixed for 5.15 am. The dialogue and situation of ‘Samanya Kolegara getting Asamanya avakasha – Sullu Helabedi Jailor adu Namma Hakku Chenna telling is a definite slap on the face.

The start of brickbats on the system starts in the dialogues of Chennakeshava when his mother comes with a coffee. The jail doctor examines it before it is consumed by Chennakeshava. What should be done outside the world but not here is a fact.

The concern of Chennakeshava of his wife and children – 3 of his conditions to Jailor to fulfill is another major bunch of emotions that bring tear – that is mainly because of his deep concern.

The top point of conversation is – when I kill, you give Shikshe, when a country attacks and kills it is ‘Dharma Samsthapana’ – Naveen Krishna in a special screening time gets applaud and whistle. That is his wonderful caliber in writing.

With such verbal attacks on the system from Chennakeshava the irony is that the same jail where he was kept increased his weight by 22 pounds.

Naveen Krishna writing wonderful dialogues has also delivered with lot of variations. Suchindra Prasad is another actor who takes big share of compliments.

Srinivasamurthy, Sihi Kahi Geetha, Mohan, Dattanna, Sarigama Viji have given good support.

The background score and one song by Gautham Srivatsa is splendid. Gautham has not swallowed the dialogues with his background score. He has used his full commonsense.

Pandiaraj camera work for the film is adequate and appealing. The use of light and dark shades are apt for the situations.

You can watch this film without fail. 4/5

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