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Title – Jaani, Producers – J Janakiram and M Aravind,Purushotham  Direction – PKH Doss, Music – Jessie Gift, Cinematography – Kumar Chakravarthy, Cast – Vijay Raghavendra, Janani Maria Antony, Milana Nagaraj, Pawan, Suman, Prakash Heggodu, Shobaraj, Moogu Sunder, Sumithra, a dog Joe and others.
PKH Doss in his over 25 years of experience as cinematography has given a tolerable Kannada film as a director. Of course there are some dragging moments and comedy of Sadhu Kokila and Bhajarangi Brothers has not come out well but over all film is convincing for his contents and the tragedy part of the film is touching to your hearts.
Jaani is a thief. Once he steals the expensive car. He parks it in one area for nature call. It goes in to pieces in a bomb blast. Not only once but three times he saves the life of heavy weight politician Shetty (Suman). The politician does not know he has enemies inside. He could have given the task of finding the enemy at his surroundings. Instead of that task Shetty ask Jaani to trace his missing friend. The story of Doss has different route.
The missing friend of Shetty is murdered by Sadhu’s Bhajarangi boys and the body is kept in the ambassador car that Jaani is using.
With such guessing elements, director Doss gives two more guessing moments to the audience. One is his fiancé (Janani) and the other one is daughter (Milana Nagaraj) of Shetty who comes from UK.
As expected the murder of Shetty a big name in the society brings shocking moment. The daughter arrives on the day of her father murder. She wants to find out the culprits with Jaani. There is something else in store of this tragedy ending cinema.
Vijaya Raghavendra has done his role with lot of care and caution. He looks good with different beard style. Pawan is there to tickle funny bones. Suman looks grand and Prakash Heggodu looks terrific.
Janani is quite OK as female lead. For Milana Nagaraj this is different kind of role. Sumithra as mother is very cordial. Rangayana Raghu and Shastry in police station give some light moments.There is a dog in the film Joe made good job. 
Jessie Gift is in his 25th Kannada film is passable in two tunes. The cinematography of Kumar Chakravarthy is  special.
3/5 ***
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