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Posted date: 16 Sat, Dec 2017 08:44:18 AM
Over excited Jaggesh, Navarasanayaka admitted his old crime of making money in the initial days of his career at a well attended audio release of ‘Brihaspathi’ Kannada cinema of producer Rockline Venkatesh.

Jaggesh evoked laughter from such submissions but it might be setback for him for his frankness. It was Rs.5000 money for five persons of a film of V Ravichandran, given by N Veeraswamy for costume – Rs.1500 was kept for pocket money giving ‘Kal Lekka’ and secondly when horse was replaced by bullet vehicle, Jaggesh came with his bullet and removing a wire was able to get Rs.5000 from the producer – ‘Catch Hakkollodu’ in Jaggesh language. How he used to take conveyance of Rs.20 from N Veeraswamy camp was another small incident Jaggesh admitted. The copying in exams in college for which Brahmi was signaling from whistle also came up in Jaggesh speech.

These two incidents obviously referred to ‘Ranadheera’ Kannada cinema. Jaggesh was explaining how money was important with these two incidents. At the same he immensely appreciated the family of N Veeraswamy for giving good food for everyone in the team.

On Manoranjan working in other banner films, Jaggesh said his father V Ravichandran given him opportunity to work as a fighting tiger in the huge world of cinema. V Ravichandran did not restrict his son. That is what makes his son grow taller in the cinema industry. I was surprised and happy with Manoranjan dialogue delivery today. It was nearly three pages at a stretch he delivered and proved his mettle Jaggesh complimented.

The younger generation should progress. The need of the hour is Kannada audience hearty welcome. Give a place for actor like Manoranjan V Ravichandran is my humble request stated Jaggesh.
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