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A hardcore devotee Sri Raghavendra Swamy Jaggesh has the ‘Hachche’ on his right shoulder. This is old information. The newest information is that some time back he was given chance to sleep the whole night at the Brindavan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in Mantralaya – inside the first gate of Rayara Brindavana. He slept with a Panche and Shalya. This is very rare occasion of my life. I would never forget. When I got up in the morning there was something happening in me. That cannot be explained in words. My speaking to Sri Subhudendra Thirtha, Kambi Narasimhachar is regular. The Abhishekha is made on my request from Bengaluru Jaggesh says with pride.

An actor of over 140 films Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh is of the opinion that ‘Nan Malagidaga Nidde Ishta Bandaaga Elodu’ is my style of living. The ‘Devara Pooje’ is the one I cannot miss out when I am at home.

While this is a bit old incident of Navarasanayaka Jaggesh the new to add to the list of miracles in his life is the film ‘8MM’ coming to him. In his recent visit he was just thinking on his career and age of 55 years – he was hoping for some change in his cinema profession.  After he came back in just one week Harikrishna came with the new project that I could not say no for its strength, and age carrying to the role.

Jaggesh is around there is nothing short of laughter, new announcements, and his heartfelt feelings. Take a look at some of his announcements when the media spoke to him at SRV Theatre.

·         I will be busy for six months from next year beginning. It is election time in state, I have demand to contest. My interest is not to restrict to one assembly constituency. I want to freely move around and do good service to people.

·         I am doing one more film after ‘8MM’, that is for director Nagendra Magadi Pandu, it is very interesting subject. It requires shooting at forty bedroom house – similar to Vaade you have heard at northern Karnataka is best location.

·         My wife Parimala is the one who has changed me considerably. Looking at my physique she said it is possible for me to change in life provided I give up a fee habits. I have followed her steps. See I am today like this because of my wife.

·         I have no worries. I want to do more quality films that have tough challenges for me. I have rejected seven scripts recently.

·         It is my misfortune that I was part of a few films but things went wrong after success.

·         For everything killing is not the answer at all. I feel very sad for Kavitha Lankesh killing.

·         The tagging of my political party people in such killing is absolutely wrong. Congress I doing wrong things to keep opposition busy. Amit Shah comes with phenyl to clean these people who make allegations.

·         The Kalavidara Sangha of Kannada cinema artists is probably coming up by next Ugadi. It is coming up fine because of Dr Ambarish, Rockline Venkatesh and Doddanna.

·         We will have very good time after the association is formally inaugurated. Pooling funds from our remuneration and other musical programs is important. The needy artists and technicians should be supported at the right time.

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