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At the ‘Vishnu Circle’ launch of audio and screening of one of the melodious songs scored by Srivatsa and sung by Vijayaprakash ‘Ayyaayo nanna noduthala Shille Hodedre Tirugi Noduthala….talkative Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh was in flashback mood on his son Gururaj and wife Parimala on the stage with other team members.

Jaggesh remembered many occasions of meeting Dr Vishnu. It was first at Vijaya Vikram shooting, Nagarahavu film me and my wife watched number of times, when my second son was hell bent on meeting Vishnu I took him and had lunch with him. My nephew Jeevan wanted to get engineering seat I approached Dr Vishnu for help. He obliged. I was climbing stairs at Chamundeswari but Vishnuji was coming down. I rushed down and made way for him. He called me and asked why did rush so fast.

On the year of his death in 2009, his birthday I met him and he told a few good things about my future. He said I would become very important man, own land and do help people. All such happened in my life and when Dr Raj and Vishnu used to come there were no black cats. They were like big lions – the way was automatically got cleared.

Today we have 20 black cats for heroes. Jaggesh also felt bad on Dr Vishnu Memorial getting delay. Now something is happening is a good sign. We should always salute legends he felt on his journey of 36 years meeting Dr Vishnu.

I did not get chance to act in Dr Raj and Dr Vishnu films. In Jeevana Chaitra I was selected but finally Tennis Krishna came in that place. In another film I was in unnoticed role Jaggesh recalled his memory.

At the same time he called up on Kannadigas to watch Kannada films and encourage. I cannot tell more than this because enmity starts up in social media. There are 10 percent of people who send nasty messages when I speak on Kannadigas said Jaggesh.

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