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Title – John Jaani Janardhan, Producers – MR Pictures, Padmaabha, Girish and Shashikiran, Direction – Gurudeshpande, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Cast – Ajay Rao, Yogish, Krishna, Kamana Ranavat, Guru Nandan, Srinivasamurthy, Girija Lokesh, Umesh,  Tennis Krishna, Aindrita Ray and others.

The last 15 minutes is shocking. For that you have to sit through remaining 120 minutes of the film that is nothing special and invigorating. A remake of ‘Amar Akbar Antony’ Malayalam film is exactly what’s happening in the society. The role of veteran actor Srinivasamurthy is shocking. He should not have taken up this role for his present stature and permanent slot of ‘Bhojaraja’ from Kavirathna Kalidasa Kannada film. The fans and well wishers of Srinivasamurthy feel depressed with such a role given to him.

Yet the film of trio in the film JJJ is interesting here and there. The issue of always going to ‘Gundu’ is another depressing point. The screenplay does not show trio as responsible citizens. The issue of going to Bangkok for ‘Massage’ is another weak point and it is disturbing to the image of three heroes.

The role of Ravishanker Gowda is of course eye opener. With the present ruling that those who help the accident victims needs not suffer at the hands of police is well told in this film. Ravishanker giving life to widow with daughter is also acceptable. The mother song in the film from child (played by Diya) is high point and melts the stony hearts.

The trio takes lot of time to identify what is happening around them – children missing. It is only the inmate child of Ajay Rao family is seen dead and the young girl was raped they boil up. When the inspector Malashri as Durgi reveals that it is the old man in colony played by Srinivasamurthy is culprit. The area people kill with broken bottles the old man and another culprit who was lifting girl child.

It is not challenging role for Ajay, Yogish and Krishna. They have not looked at their hero image is a welcome step. Gurunandan has an interesting role. The ‘Wheeling’ in motorbike and later police chasing was a safety way of condemning it after showing it.

Aindrita Ray song does not add any extra value to the film. Arjun Janya likes more sound than melody. It is only ‘Thaayi song well composed. Santosh Rai Pathaje is fine in his work.

Like how you find good after a strenuous journey, the film JJJ is one such film.

Score – 4/5 ****

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