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The noted lyricist K Kalyan has adjusted his emotions. His wife Ashwini has also come out from commotion. The couple seems to be alright after a hue and cry.

“I am OK with my wife. There is no confusion. We will come together before the media and explain the development that is very tragic”.

K Kalyan addressed the media at Belagavi. We have carried 15 years of married life. There was no trouble on any day. After I lost my parents, the parents of my wife Ashwini are living with us. The entry of a servant Ganga Kulkarni has worsened the situation in the house.

Ganga Kulkarni with Shivanand Vali conducted various mantrik tricks that have disturbed my wife and in-laws. In the process 24 lakhs of rupees also got transferred. It was a big master plan of Shivanand Vali a mantrik in Belagavi.

K Kalyan noticed the changes in the attitude of his wife and she was looking at me as a stranger. The presence of a ‘lemon’ with my mother in law at the Pooja further alerted me on some Mantravadi work on my wife and in laws.

First it was Rs.1.70 lakhs transferred to Shivanand Vali account. Later the property of my in-laws got transferred. At this stage I went for legal opinion and filed a case at Malamaruthi Police Station. It is a development of the last 8 to 10 months. For me the property is not important, the health and well being of my wife very important.

Shivanand Vali knowing the complaint filed by him filed a case against me in the name of my wife and that has further complicated the issue, says K Kalyan.

The happy ending for K Kalyan family life tension some more time is required.

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