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Title – Kaarni, Producer – Govindaraju, Direction – Vinod, Music – Arinda Goswami, Cameraman – Suryodaya, Cast – Duniya Rashmi, Niranjan, Rajesh Ramakrishna, Karan Gaja and others.

Another haunting film with dark shade in the capture of scenes keeps you engaged especially in the second half and the search for missing heroines and revenge saga is crux of the film. What is ‘karni’? It is the weapon in the hands of Durga Devi. The key actress Rashmi is the centre of attention.

When the case is filed on missing sister in a police station, you would have known four other girls Nandini, Mangala, Bharathi and Sumana are missing. The age group of 26 is missing or kidnapped is the guess starts working in the minds of audience.

Director Vinod has put before the audience that ‘Kaarni’ is a suspense thriller right from the first scene of the film. In pitch dark he takes his narration and the curiosity further builds up and cameraman work is adequate.

There are less of dialogues and darkness surrounds the film in most of the scenes. For the first half guess work of the audience, it gets answer in the second half. As the film moves to the last 20 minutes the reason for kidnap unravels of five girls.

Dhuniya Rashmi is dumb in this film and she has sign language. She is away from glam role. Niranth looks good. Rajesh Ramakrishna wins in the investigative officer role.

The camera work and background score for this film is adequate.

Rating:3/5 ***

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