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This ‘Kanaka’ title reminds the legendary ‘Kanaka’ of Dasa Parampare but actually this ‘Kanaka’ is Annavra Abhimani – so we could say ‘Karanataka Nanna Kannada’ as expiation for KANAKA!

At the Renukamba Digital theatre the presence of KP Nanjundi made a wide difference. He is back to acting after 14 long years in this ‘Kanaka’ – KP Nanjundi has immensely appreciated R Chandru abilities and Dhuniya Vijay difficult days he remembered. I have also come up in life facing such ordeals. I had no money to treat my cancer father. I had no money to complete final rites. Nanjundi went back to the days of ‘Sumathi’ TV serial of S Narayan. R Chandru was dismissed but it is he who wanted him to be on board. I knew that he would make it one day. That has become true said Nanjundi looking at R Chandru.

The occasion of ‘Kanaka’ on Thursday night was promotional song of music director Naveen Sajju. Enne Namdu Oota Nimdu’ is a well made video promotional song. Like Bahubali and Dangal films added promotional song, R Chandru is adding this song after two weeks to the film in the theatres.

A very humble R Chandru disclosed that he would pay the full expenditure what Naveen Sajju has incurred in making this promotional song brought smile on the singer and composer Sajju.

As of now Navin Sajju is like ‘Sajjige’ to music field. He is already state award singer. He has abundant talent and that is backed for music direction by Dhuniya Vijay. On Thursday night Vijay support to Navin Sajju surfaced when the slight pulling of leg happened. No it should not be done pointed Dhuniya Vijay.

Dhuniya Vijay also expressed his learning of a few things from KP Nanjundi. He appreciated the song of ‘Enne Namdu Oota Nimdu’.

Manvitha Harish was in a bit of emotion for Rangayana Raghu brining her to the stage. I remembered my father and Nanjundi sir statement is similar in my life, I could not save my father mention Manvitha Harish of Kendasampige fame.

Ragayana Raghu doing a small role in this is because he is permanent in R Chandru and most of Dhuniya Vijay films stated that Navin Sajju has knowledge of literature and he is sure to be promising music director. For dreams there is no poverty. How to get it done, we need people like Dhuniya Vijay he made a pertinent statement.

Darshan a gym guy relative of R Chandru is in brother role in ‘Kanaka’ to Vijay. He thanked Vijay for shaping him very well.

Naveen Sajju thanked the people of Karnataka for good response to his composition of songs. He explained how this promotional song took its birth.

R Chandru known for precise address recalled his association with KP Nanjundi. I am like his brother. I discuss everything with Nanjundi sir. He has given me life in 2003. It was at that time for ‘Sumathy’ TV serial I wanted Vijay to get good opportunity. I used to write something extra for his role. Rangayana Raghu special affection to farmers also came up in R Chandru speech. He disclosed how Rangayana Raghu returned the payment when he came to know that he worked for a farmer’s film.

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