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R Chandru always thinks special in his professional career. On Sunday night at Lalith Ashok Hotel for the release of audio CD of ‘Kanaka’ in the combination of Dhuniya Vijay, Chandru felicitated three toppers – Yogaraj Bhat, Dhuniya Soori and Shashank – all three directors on the occasion of R Chandru completion of decade in Kannada cinema.

It was a grand audio release and three toppers released a song each. Music always binds all. Kanaka is one such example he pointed.

I am not Guru or mentor, I am last bench ‘Poli Shisshya’ stated Yogaraj Bhat, gold is searched anywhere it is ‘Kanaka’. Dhuniya Soori remembering Rs.15 lakhs given by Dhuniya Vijay was first beginning of the film. the rewinding of memory was emotional for Soori.

Traveling 10 years is not important, what kind of cinema we have done how it has made a stamp in people mind is important. At the Jarasandha shoot Vijay was keeping everyone in good humor. Let this film get ‘Kanaka Vrushti’ pointed Shashank in his address.

Basha sitting pretty with ‘Bharjari’ success as distributor appreciated the zeal of director R Chandru. He always thinks lavish he mentioned. It is not such easy for a director to invest and make money. It is the strong belief that is important. Chandru has great confidence and that is why he produced three films stated Gurukiran who has done background score.

When Basha is there to give money, to make cinema Chandru is there, to watch people are there – then there is no problem as such stated producer KP Srikanth.

In each and every frame there is effort of director Chandru. He has interest in politics, has ability to become a leader. He is not jealous. Not earned enemies. Let political career become stepping stone stated Dhuniya Vijay.

R Chandru politely rejected the statement that he is interested in politics. I was in silk business. Making good films is my aim. Media has given me good courage and push. Today four star legendary directors have blessed. It is like ‘Kanaka Vrushti’ for me.

First time female villain Roopika, debutant music director Navin Sajju, MLA Sudhakar, successful farmer Venkatesh blessed for the film.

Dhuiya Vijay wife Keerthi was present, in the songs and clips heroine of the film Manvitha Harish and Haripriya were seen on screen. 
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