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The year 2017 was flooded with developments but no concrete result was able to come for the dubbing of other languages to Kannada. A few of the film came as dubbed ones but had a miserable failure. The year 2017 was with good news in the box office as ‘Kirik Party’ continued with mega hit label for it. It has earned more than Rs.50 crores in gross. Upendra for political party, Dr Shiv and Puneeth for production houses, Sudeep for Hollywood entry and playing cricket at Lord, Rickey Kej for international show and others happened.
We give some of the sidelights in flash to brush your memory on the developments of the year 2017.
·         Risk is not first time, Dr Shiv - The biggest talk in social media with a small trailer of train episode with Shivarajakumar and co actor for ‘Srikanta’ going viral – Dr Shiv underneath the train raised eyebrows.
·         BAD BOY AUDIO VIDEO ARRIVED - The new one coming up ‘Bad Boy’ dedicated to best villains like Toogudeepa Srinivas, Vajramuni and Lokesh in the song.
·         Krushi Khushi on 26, Shruthi Naidu new thought – a Kitchen garden concept by actress on big and small screen.
·         Good news in Sudeep family, patch up near - In the discussion held at Family Court, the advocate of Kichcha Sudeep disclosed that the couple decided stay together and question of divorce does not arise.
·         Dr Raj civil services Academy - The Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addressing at the inauguration of Dr Rajakumar Civil Services Academy stated that the one of the ideals of the icon of Kannada cinema simplicity should be role model for everyone in the society.
·         GT world Mall, five screens - A renowned exhibitor of Kannada cinema T Anandappa has finally inaugurated the four storied structure on his 2.5 acres land where the prestigious Pramod theatre was situated. This is GT World Mall – Gangamma Thimmaiah World Mall next to Prasanna theatre. The GT Mall is situated at Magadi Road, the beginning of Vijayanagara entrance.
·         Workshop on cinema, after film is ready - The team of ‘Bhavamadhyama’ headed by director Umashanker Swamy has developed idea of a workshop of two films ‘Munsifa’ and ‘Salada Magu’ after it is ready to hit the silver screen.
·         Dr Sunder Raj double century, dead man to Lift Man - He made debut in ‘Kadu’ but his role of a ‘Dead Man’ in ‘Anveshane’ got him laurels and today he is a ‘Lift Man’.
·         Shukra fortune for Manjula, new growth in life - Sadhana Music school with over two and half decades Manjula Gururaj opens up a new platform for cultural activities at Malleswaram MPL Shastry Road.
·         Steven Spielberg voice – at the Week end with Ramesh with Prakash Raj as guest – the legendary voice over was Spielberg surfaced. He wished good luck to Prakash Raj.
·         Dr Raj Janapada Habba, tribute by writer - National Award winning writer for Dr Rajakumara Samagra Charitre also journalist with many accolades at the national level and state level is conducting a ‘Dr Rajakumar Janapada Habba’ on April 16 that is in between the death anniversary day April 12 and birth anniversary day April 24 of icon of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar.
·         Ramya new charge, gearing up for next elections - Keeping cinema at a distance the talented Ramya has been given the new responsibility of Social Media head by the Congress I bosses in the state.
·         Vismaya is 150 of Arjun - The Tamil action King Arjun, Arjuna Sarja to Kannadigas with strong roots in Kannada films and Karnataka is enjoying the status of 150 films today. Starting from child actor in Kannada Arjun scaled to new heights as action hero, director and producer.
·         Pooja film factory, three films on one day - Pooja Gandhi Entertainment Factory in collaboration with JD Chakravarthy a big name in Telugu films.
·         Wrap me app, Shanvi release - The bubbly actress with series of hit films in Kannada, richly talented Shanvi Srivatsa released the application of ‘Wrap Me’ at a fashion show followed event at Chancery pavilion.
·         Yendamuri to direct, chooses Kannada film - The eminent writer and director in Telugu Yendamuri Veerendranath who has huge fan following in taken up his first Kannada film direction.
·         Jilebi going round, Shanker on 3 parts - Director Lucky Shanker of ’90, Cigarette, Devaraane’ with Shiv Kabbin in ‘Shiva Shanker Film Factory’ announced to make sequel of ‘Jilebi’ - the second part is shot in Dubai, the third part of ‘Jilebi’ will be shot in England says Shanker looking very ambitious.
·         Parul Yadav recovering, street dog bite - The most promising actress ever since ‘Govindayanamaha’ Parul Yadav, very familiar in Kannada filmdom received serious injuries in her morning walk at Mumbai.
·         Video Mapping, excellent show - Perhaps for the first time in the Indian film history for an international film festival inauguration the video mapping presentation that too on the eight tall and majestic pillars of impeccable structure of Bengaluru Vidhana Soudna was held.
·         S Company launched. Komal Kempegowda 2 - Producer Shanker Gowda, Shanker Reddy and Vinod Gowda has announced the new film ‘Kempe Gowda 2’ with Komal Kumar taking the role. As expected Kichcha Sudeep is not the hero. Sudeep was ‘Kempe Gowda’ the first of ‘Singham’ series. In the same title ‘Kempe Gowda 2’, it is not a sequel but ‘Pakka Original’ says the posters and trailer released on Friday night at JW Mariot Hotel.
·         Cine TV directory, revised edition - Nandini Publications MG Lingaraj is coming up with another revised edition of ‘Cinema-TV Directory’. In the last 18 years this revised editions are hitting the market.
·         Sathyaprakash son Nishanth debut, Nishanth is introduced in the ‘Manasu Mallige’ by Rockline Venkatesh and Zee TV
·         Century celebration for RRR, first is best- shoe string budget cinema ‘Rama Rama Re’ celebrated 100 days event.
·         V Ravichandran record rolls, 3 films launch of actor- on Shivarathri day ‘Dasharatha’, ‘Rajendra Ponnappa’ and ‘Bakaasura’ were launched.
·         Kumar Bangarappa to BJP, jump from Congress - Kumar Bangarappa, brother of Geetha Shivarajakumar has jumped from Congress Party to Bharatiya Janata party.
·         Dancers on new step, good fortune for newcomers - Karnataka Chalanachitra Nrithya Nirdeshakara, Nrithya Kalavidara Sangha connected Kannada Cinema Workers Federation Okkuta of Ashok has come up with a generous idea of setting up more number of dancers and dance masters.
·         Nagedra Urs 200 in editing – Nagednra Urs son of Sundarakrishna Urs new feat.
·         Yuvan Shanker Raja to Kannada, debut after fame - Yuvan Shanker Raja son of maestro Ilayaraja makes his first official entry to Kannada in a remake film ‘Gowdru Hotel’ – It is Ustaad Hotel 2012 Malayalam film remake.
·         Rock moves to Malayalam, rocking everywhere.The ‘Villain’ starring Malayalam superstar Mohan Lal is his first Malayalam production that is on floor. In the first week of March the film went on floors at Thiruvananthapura.
·         Mall ticket Rs.200 maximum, state budget decision - The Karnataka state chief minister Siddaramaiah announcing the state budget on Wednesday in Assembly for 2017-2018 has fixed Rs.200 as ticket price as maximum in multiplex theatres.
·         Pataki App comes, Ganesh release latest app -This is the latest ‘App’ all in one roof for the cinema audience. This is perhaps for the first time in the country.
·         Masthi Gudi tragedy, govt aid of Rs.5 lakhs each - The Karnataka Film Chamber of commerce headed by Sa Ra Govindu in a simple meeting at the office on Tuesday handed over Rs.5 lakh each to the families of Anil and Uday who lost their life in the tragedy.
·         A Ganesh VP SIFCC, defeats Sundar  - Noted producer of Kannada such as ‘Devara Maga, Dandam Dashagunam, Maaya etc and owner of outdoor unit for cinema production A Ganesh has been recently elected as Vice President of the prestigious South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce with a comfortable margin of votes.
·         Yasho Marga Yashassu, Yash dilkush - The first social work of rocking star Yash has turned very fruitful.
·         Nikil Kunar second launch on 2nd, father invest again on Son - Recouping from ill health HD Kumaraswamy is now all set to launch with lot of Kannada talent this time in the direction of Chetan Kumar of ‘Bahaddur, Bharjari’ Kannada films.
·         Trailer for trailer, publicity stunt Have you heard of a trailer for release of trailer? In this gimmick world the publicity is very important is agreed. Not in this style you would say. The release of trailer for ‘Daada is back’ a trailer has been cut to gobble attention.
·         Dr Raj Suprabhata, Sony gets rights - ‘Suprabhata’ are heard in the name of Gods, here is one for the first time in Indian cinema history that a ‘Suprabhata’ is for icon Dr Rajakumar. On the occasion of 10th anniversary of Dr Rajakumar International Foundation this ‘Suprabhata’ is made public.
·         Jugari Avinash on training, new area to flourish - Avinash owns Eternity Creative Studio that is 20 feet height, on 5000 sq feet, that includes 3600 clear shoot location, floor with catwalks for lights,  three green rooms, kitchen and dining area, ample parking space at Jakkur (behind aerodrome). This is ideal for advertisement shoots, photography and film shoots and TV serial productions.
·         Ajaramara free show, all four shows free  - Several tricks are deployed after the film release but for the making of the film several gimmicks are deployed so that the film sustain in the theatres.
·         B R Shetty in cinema, in a song in March 22 - Padmasri Dr BR Shetty, appeared before the camera for a thought provoking Kannada film produced by his best friend of Dubai Harish Sherigar and Sharmila Sherigar – March 22 in the direction of Kodlu Ramakrishna of 26 Kannada films.
·         Kannadiga Shetty on biggest film, it is The Mahabharata - The proud Kannadiga Dr BR Shetty with base in UAE is heading for a world record in investment of Rs.1000 crores for his world category cinema ‘The Mahabharata’ Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industry personalities. It is also planned in sequel. The English dubbed is also going to rock in world level.
·         Arjun Janya musical feast, April 22 at Mysuru
·         Google tribute to Dr Rajakumar, 89 birth anniversary - Perhaps the first Kannadiga to get such a honor from ‘Google’ is Dr Rajakumar
·         Insurance to filmdom, good days for film industry - The Global Insurance Brokers Company Private Limited that has been function since 2003 in providing risk coverage to films in India with over 11 locations has come to the rescue of Kannada film industry.
·         SV Babu new office, three offices in KG Road - At Devanga Towers on KG Road next to Bhumika Theatre on the third floor a spacious office of SV Editing, SV Films distribution and SV Publications are located now.
·         Pooja Gandhi possessive, idea not money important - The Mungaru Male heroine making a big leap in to production of 11 films in which three have been launched on one day at Lalith Ashok Hotel on last Tuesday is very possessive and banking heavily on the ability of JD Chekravarthy
·         MUSIC BAZAAR – Kannada film director Association President Dr V Nagendra Prasad lyricist of over 2000 cinema songs to his credit besides acting, direction and screenplay writing in his career has evolved ‘Music Bazaar’ audio house. From ‘Jindaa’ Kannada cinema of producer Datta of ‘Porki’ Kannada film fame.
·         Bhumiputra launch, S Narayan directs Arjun - A biopic on former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy 20 months regime in the coalition government with BJP in the past is the area of interest for producer Babu Reddy.
·         Sudeep distinction, plays cricket at Lords ground
·         Rathavara revised, Manjunath new plan - he has announced long ago that he would give ‘Rathavara’ of his liking in the revised edition. He is doing so with some alteration to the second half of the film. The release in Telugu fared badly in box office.
·         Pooja Lokesh back, after 12 years to cinema - Pooja Lokesh, she played judge in ‘Tiger Galli’.
·         HAPPN new happening, Lahari new partner to it HAPPN, the new global meet up APP for meeting and dating for younger generation a business deal with the prestigious Lahari Recording Company to cater to Bengaluru people.
·         Bahubali 2 tax boon, coffers hefty - The nation pride ‘Bahubali 2’ gobbling over Rs.1500 crores from worldwide collection and still going strong is also a windfall for the Karnataka State Commercial Tax department.
·         We want Govindu, KFCC President lucky - So far in the history of Kannada cinema of 80 plus years on demand a President was retained or repeated. Sa Ra Govindu KFCC President completing one year term had extension of six months and now the bunch of seniors of Kannada cinema industry from all the three sectors are demanding one more year for Sa Ra Govidu.
·         Aidani concept launched, SPB attend - National acclaimed music director Hamsalekha much cherished Hamsalekha Music Trust has introduced ‘Aidani’ (Combination of five Ragaas) at a touching and memorable event at Bengaluru.
·         Rickey Kej at Alternative 17, 45 minutes concert - The Grammy award winner for ‘Winds of Samsara’ for the first time from Karnataka, Kannada film music composer Rickey Kej is to give 45 minutes concert from his Global Band in ‘Alternative 17’ – a program based on environment and weather protection.
·         Narayan Nobel thought, signs for eye donation - Many of the people in the industry and fans followed the eye donation after death ever since ‘Nethra Daana’ done by Dr Rajakumar on April 12, 2006.
·         5 CAMERAMEN GREAT THOUGHT - The five prominent cameramen of Kannada cinema are following the principles that should be inculcated by everyone in their field. What we take from society is equally important to what we give to the society.
·         RAHUL AT RAJ RESIDENCE! The all India Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited the residence of Dr Rajakumar to offer condolence to the demise of Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar.
·         Vishnu National festival, at New Delhi on Aug 27 For the first time the fans of icon of Kannada cinema Dr Vishnuvardhana – Vishnu Sena Samithi is organizing one day festival of Dr Vishnuvardhana in New Delhi on august 27, Sunday. Dr Vishu had acted in over 200 films in five languages and most of them were in Kannada.
·         Govindu to continue, KFCC head one year grace - On the demand expressed by all sectors of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, the sitting president Sa Ra Govindu would continue his term. The basic reason is many of the works turning fruitful for the industry in the regime of Sa Ra Govindu.
·         Srujan fans association, TV gets acclaim - The grandson of first hero of Kannada cinema Subbayya Naidu Lokesh Srujan gets the acclaim what he has not been able to get from cinema. Thanks to Television ‘Maja Talkies’ – Srujan Lokesh gets the fans association with a crown of ‘Talking Star’!
·         Shuddi 100, fame but no money - Earning fame and name is what happened for producer of ‘Shuddi’ Madesh Bhaskarappa who is enjoying the screening of the film of 100 days in continuation of two theatres. It was sixty days in one multiplex and then for forty days one show a day it completed remaining forty days.
·         Rajakumara 100, all time industry hit - One of the best collectors of 2017 so far is ‘Rajakumara’ starring Power star Puneeth Rajakumar, Priya Anand, Sarath Kumar, Achyuth Kumar and others is roaring even after 100 days in over 40 plus theatres with Narthaki and Veeresha in Bengaluru City continuing pretty good collections for Hombale Films.
·         Nagaraj Kote creativity, 30 minutes film for son wedding - The popular actor in comedy and character roles in cinema, active theatre personality, director of ‘Baanadi’ award winning Kannada film, television actor with over 30 years stay in the arch light has given a new creative thought to his son Nishanth wedding with Swathi.
·         Director Sri starts Vedhike, institute for acting and direction - There are several private and government institutes besides universities giving certificates in cinema division of acting, direction, cinematography etc.
·         Sudeep in Hollywood cinema, Army Marshal role - Kichcha Sudeep takes a very big decision in life to enter the Hollywood. In the debut Hollywood film Kichcha Sudeep is taking up the role of Army Marshal. Eddie and team contacted Kichcha Sudeep for long time. He has given consent to act in the month of September and October.
·         I am not for politics, Dr Shivarajakumar - As the Karnataka state Assembly election is just one year behind the speculations have already started. One of the TV channels have made a speculation that century star Dr Shivarajakumar is contesting from Rajajinagara Assembly constituency from Congress I ticket.
·         Shiv not to celebrate birthday, donation instead  Dr Shivarajakumar has decided not to celebrate the birthday this year on July 12. The demise of his mother took place recently is the main reason – Dr Shivarajakumar informed his fans not to throng at the house with cakes. The big gift for Dr Shiv came from his brother power star Puneeth Rajakumar. Rs. 2 lakhs worth BMW brand cycle was gifted to Dr Shiv on his 55th birthday.
·         V Harikrishna century, Mugulnage is his 100th music - Ace composer with unique voice in his singing V Harikrishna has reached the 100 mark from ‘Mugulunage’ a biggest combination of Yogaraj Bhat and Golden star Ganesh.
·         Srinivasamurthy religious, 9 Thursdays to Mantralayam - An actor par excellence in character roles, director, producer JK Srinivasamurthy has taken up new religious activity in his life after sixty. He is now on a new observation of visiting Sri Raghavendra Swamy Math at Sri Mantralaya on every Thursday for nine weeks.
·         Contract rehashed, back after 7 years - It has been a rehashed contract for ‘Contract’ bilingual cinema in the beginning that is trilingual today. After cancelling the 35 percent of shoot and change in the producer the film is bouncing back with a strong team. The place of Manisha Lamba now goes to Radhika Kumaraswamy as female counterpart to action hero Arjun.
·         LOOSE CONNECTION WEB SERIES IN KANNADA - Another path breaking record in the entertainment sector is evolving in Karnataka. The first of its kind ‘Web Series’ has been eight months preparation for him with a good and talented team.
·         Hombale new office, KRG new distribution office - The prestigious banner from power star Puneeth Rajakumar ‘Ninnindale’ film ‘Hombale Films’ of Vijay Kiragandur came up with some box office super hit films. The latest is ‘Raajakumara’ block buster for Hombale Films. Recently the new distribution office of KRG Studios was also set up.
·         Sudeep writes, to CM notice - The super stars are not social friendly is the normal complaint. Kichcha Sudeep taken up a few socially relevant tasks in the past and now a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister on lakes getting de-notification he urge for stopping such move.
·         UPENDRA TO POLITICS Highlights of Uppi to politics, No money only work. The ‘Real Star’ of Kannada cinema in reality is having a big thought to promote for the coming elections in State. In a crowded media meet at Ruppis Resort Upendra took many questions and some of them were not to his liking.
·         Super star Upendra has set a new ground for his political party. On Tuesday the platform was different. Upendra and his team were in front of the dais at Gandhi Bhavan. The media of different newspapers and television channels were seated on the dais. It was a reverse positioning.
·         Upendra KPJP App, website starts, The super star of Kannada cinema Upendra is going strong day by day on his conviction and political move. After announcing his Karnataka Pragnavantha Janata Paksha as his party name, he came very quickly with the launch of guidelines to contest for the assembly elections.
·         Launching the app and website and, Upendra highlighted the requirements of a candidate for all the 224 Assembly constituencies.
·         Bengaluru boy’s distinction, zero cost set - The boys from bengaluru set a new distinction. They have built a film set with zero cost and it is for the first approach in the country. 'zero cost' film set was created by students of Creo Valley School of Film and Television at their campus on last Saturday. By doing so, the students have given a new hope to the financially burdened film makers to go for zero cost film sets which doesn't compromise on quality but is high on creativity.
·         HDK hospitalized, former CM and producer - The former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, known as lavish producer of Kannada cinema has been admitted to Singapore Mount Elizabeth hospital on Thursday.
·         Keshavamurthy Gate Keeper book, Nagthi, Jogi release - A journalist in the prestigious Kannada regional daily Kannada Prabha Cinema division Keshavamurthy first book ‘Gandhi Seetu’ was released by Prakash Rai and Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa in Chitrakala Parishat in December 2013. After four years another book of Keshavamurthy ‘Gate Keeper’ book a collection of reviews after watching world movies was released at Ten Cinema at Banashankari on last Sunday on a rainy evening.
·         Velu Joins BJP today, Audio industry to politics The close acquaintance of Manohar G Naidu, neighbor of former chief minister BS Yediyurappa, BJP State President has last invited his brother Lahari Velu, G Thulsiram Naidu to join the national party Bharathiya Janata Party on Wednesday in Bengaluru.
·         Dharmasri Manjunath gesture, 50 bikes as gift The silent social worker to the needy people, a realtor and producer of Kannada films Dharmasri Manjunath has come up with a new gift to the people across the state.
·         Just Local app, Shivashanker brainchild - Shivashanker H joint producer with his brother H Ramamurthy of a few Kannada films comes up with ‘Just Local APP’ – the world at your finger tips.
·         Asha Bhonsle sings, it is 19/11 Kannada film One of the highly acclaimed singers of this country Asha Bhonsle has recorded a song for Kannada film at Mumbai Yash RajStudio for ‘19/11’. Joesl and Abhilash composed song ‘kannu Kannali Banna Bannada Kanasannu Kodthaalalla….was the song. Chetan Naik supported for this meritorious recording from Asha Bhonsleji.
·         Celebrity Kabbaddi League, Ragini to promote.
·         VIRAT Kohli wish Humble politician, huge response noticed
·         RICKY KEJ RARE DISTINCTION - Ricky Kej the Grammy award winner is getting new distinction by hosting India’s largest environment and sustainability festival sponsored by Round Glass under ‘Samsara Festival 2017’. One of the finest events from Ricky Kej a conservationist for 60th year of Vidhana Soudha, the majestic building of Bengaluru opposite High Court of Karnataka will have first of its kind musical show. The biggest to come and for the first time in India is a summit at Legislative Council of Karnataka and in front of the majestic building Vidhana Soudha there will be international standard music, it is on the steps in his childhood Ricky Kej was eating pea nuts from Class 4 to 8 standards on his visits with his father.
·         Want to die on stage, B Jayasri wish - The leading stage exponent, singer, former Rajya Sabha Member B Jayasri wish to die on stage while performing – at Dr B Jayasri contribution, photo exhibition, seminar, Ranga Gowrava and autobiography release event the legendary was speaking. The event was organized by B Jayasri Abhinanda Samithi.
·         Ashwini Puneeth producer, new crown to shine - Dr Parvathamma Rajakumar as produced 80 films, daughter in law Ashwini Puneeth Rajakumar now occupies the producer position from PRK banner – PRK is both Parvathamma Rajakumar banner and Puneeth Rajakumar banner! Ashwini Puneeth Rajakumar shy in coming before the media made high class arrangements to the muhurut of her debut film ‘Kavalu Daari’ on Friday morning at Kanteerava Studio.
·         Sudeep Big Boss 5, starts from Oct 15 - The biggest name for ‘Big Boss 5’ – Kichcha Sudeep is all set to come again for the small screen reality show in Colors Kannada.
· app show, 400 take part - A social media app that allows people to create their music and comic videos to cater to world audience arrived to India some time back. It has now arrived Bengaluru – silicon city.
·         Tarak faces piracy, sickening issue off late - The most sickening issue bothering big films is ‘Face Book Live’ from the first show of first day. It happened for ‘Bharjari’ Kannada cinema and now challenging star Darshan film ‘Tarak’ is not spared in this mischief.
·         Shashank opens new office, it is Shashank Cinemas 
·         Puneeth, Sudeep in Colors, family show and big boss 5 - Power star Puneeth Rajakumar written new history even in small screen from his ‘Kannadada Kotyadipathi’ - With the film ‘Rajakumara’ image further enhancing the career growth of Power star Puneeth Rajakumar a complete family shows is now a treat.
·         Ganesh Ambassador, Muay Thai sports  The golden star Ganesh signed the papers to become the ambassador at the Diamond Hall of Karnataka State Cricket Association for ‘Muay Thai sports’. Muay Thai is one of the Main Sport Practiced and promoted in many countries like Thailand, USA, RUSSIA, IRAN, JAPAN, CHINA, UK, EUROPE, CHILE and many more countries. As of now Muay Thai is being Practiced and promoted in 200+ countries.
·         End of Kapali theatre, demolition starts - The first Cinerama theatre in Asia Kapali theatre situated on Subedar Chatram road is closing shutters after 49 years of cinema exhibition of various languages.
·         An ancient beautiful building ‘Badami House’ that house the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy and a screen that has nearly 130 seating capacity ‘Priyadarshini’ – built in stone opposite to Bruhad Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is ready for demolition.
·         KRISHNA HONORED BY 1000 films actor Honnavalli Krishna gets a silver crown, shawl, Mysuru Topi was part of the honor from BMA team.
·         Puneeth gets in to audio, new area of business – it is PRK audio – Anjaniputhra was first release.
·         S Janaki last event in Kannada, musical good bye to singing - The most mellifluous singer in the 65 years S Janaki has decided to stop singing at a place where she started in Mysuru as for as Kannada singing is concerned.
·         Sandeep Malani magic, 100 artists in Maa Ye Cinema Hai
·         Book of RRR after film.
·         Sathyajith gets artificial leg, Satyajith speaking at a far of place Bagalkote explained that he was asked to pay Rs.4.80 lakhs for artificial leg but at the last minute he was guided to another place where he could save Rs.2 lakhs.
·         Pranitha Subash at ZevA App - Noted actress of Kannada and Telugu films Pranitha Subash released ZevA App for personalized health care at your finger tips. The SOS button is integrated with Bengaluru City Police App and Suraksha for affordable service and accessibility.
·         Sirigannadam video album - A group of enthusiastic youngster in ‘Spread on Studio’ come up with a rock style Kannada song that includes rich culture, heritage and personalities of Karnataka in lyrics. Anusha Ravi a bright and bubbling lyricist with great future handled the video album event. The event was also on the eve of 34th year of existence in music field of legendar
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