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A top earner in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana ‘Rangasthalam’ released in March 2018 earned Rs.215 crores for Rs.60 crores investment.

Now the same Telugu film came to Kannada in dubbed form with a slogan ‘Kannadigarigaagi Kannadadalle’ as ‘Rangasthala’ has faced utter defeat in the box office.

Released on last week with over 85 theatres dubbed Rangasthala in fact got more theatres than original Kannada film got. Last week five Kannada films got released and none of them were able to get such a good theatre set up.

What is the result of dubbed ‘Rangathala’ in Karnataka is very pathetic says Mr Prakash of Sayi Siddi Production. It is around 20 percent and collections were a little over 20 percent in Mandya and Mysuru he says. From the original Telugu film producer on a contract of 50/50 share from the collection the business deal was worked out.

With less than 20 percent collection in the last 3 days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the fate is very bad for this dubbed version in the coming days of the week says Prakah.

From the 20 percent collection – it is not earning of theatre rent or if percentage is the collections cut a sorry figure. Secondly what would be the share for original producer and Karnataka area dubbed distributor? It will be nil.

For distributor Prakash who is in the field in the last two years the fate was very bad for ‘Kanchana 3’ of Raghav Lawerence. Prior to this a few of Tamil super star Ajith films crashed an utter defeat when dubbed versions were released in Kannada. In a theatre like Bhumika one of the Ajit starrer film was shown with police protection. The number of policemen guarding the theatre was more than that of the audience who bought ticket to watch morning show.

Why this situation for dubbed films in Kannada ask Prakash. He says Kannadigas do not like dubbing of someone else for super stars of non Kannada films.

Secondly the films tested so far have come after a long gap as dubbed films. Had it been like KGF – simultaneous release the situation would be different he says.

Now ‘Dear Comrade’ of Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna is hitting simultaneously all over the world would be a better test for Kannada dubbed version says Prakash.

With big clout of Kannada cinema industry against to dubbed films, the super stars who will be severely affected with it keeping silent, the pathetic results of dubbed Kannada films at the box office is a god sent gift to Kannada cinema industry.

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