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Title – Kariya 2, Producers – P2 productions and Anekal Balaraj, Direction – Prabhu Srinivas, Cinematography - Srinivas Devaswom, Music – Krupa Karan, Cast – Santosh Balaraj, Mayoori, Ajay Ghosh, Sadhu Kokila and others.
After ‘Ganapa’ Santosh Balaraj has lived up to the expectations in this captivating screenplay. Besides good performance from Santosh Balaraj and Mayoori, there is abundant of stuff to watch in this film with sterling action moments composed by Vikram, Ravi Verma, Different Danny and Mass Madha composed stunts for this film ‘Kariya 2’ action feast.
The film has not fallen behind in music. Perhaps the best of tunes has come from Krupa Karan (Krupakar) and the songs lyrics of Jayanth Kaikini, Kaviraj and Chinmayi  - Anumanave Illa…is richly popular among four songs. Naa Kayuthiruve…Malegaalada….Kariya Barthavne….are remaining three songs in ‘Kariya 2’ very well composed.
What is this Kariya 2 all about? A strong man Kariya is working in the gang of Ajay Ghosh on reward for completing the deals. That does not mean he crosses limits. Kariya is very fond of mother. He sees Mother Nature in the beautiful girl Jaanu (Mayoori). It is a love story you would feel. It is not so precisely and again this approach is also given a jerk by director Prabhu Srinivas.
Kariya is affected a small time amnesia. He becomes still and only when one touches him he becomes normal. With such a given condition Kariya does good job and his love is very pure. A few developments in the post interval is what intriguing.
Kariya -2 – An action feast from Santosh Balaraj son of producer Anekal Balaraj. Kariya is a title that has entered the pages of records for its second release big success 14 years. That film starring challenging star Darshan was made Anekal Balaraj. For the second Kariya also he is the producer. This is not a sequel as such. Only the title is utilized for the box office purpose.
Santosh Balaraj is brilliant in action portions. Mayoori is a lively presenter of her role. Ajay Ghosh leaves ‘Alu size’ of his eye ball. Sadhu Kokila should have got more lines in the comedy.
This is a film for action lovers and sentiment lovers.
 3/5 ***
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