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Title – Kataka, Producer – NS Rajakumar, Direction and music – Ravi Basroor, cinematography – Sachin Basrur, Cast – Baby Shlaga Saligrama, Ashok Raj, Baby Shlaga Saligrama, Spandana Prasad, Om Guru, Vijay Basroor, Ravindra G, Chandrasekhar Basroor, DJ Ranju, Madhava Karkada, Nataraj, Sathyanarayana, Krishnamurthy and others are in the team of ‘Kataka’ film.
This is a film with difference in horror category. The addition of  Dharmic principles and an atheist becoming a theist with the attack of ‘Atrupta Atmas’ making mayhem is very well depicted on screen. The only point of concern is the Athmas on the girl child for having brought a ‘Kataka’ becomes a ‘Kantaka’ –this is touching aspect of the film.
Kataka – based on a real life incident is the debut direction of well known music director Ravi Basoor. Very generous in his attitude Ravi Basoor doing multiple responsibilities for this film gives the credit for making as ‘Ravi Basoor Team Effort’.
It is the zodiac cancer name ‘Kataka’ (Karkataka) in the title. Whether it relates to the zodiac qualities in the narration is not revealed. The horror effect on Baby Shlaga Saligrama indicates that the film is surrounded by some black magic contents. When the couple Kumar and Vandana comes to native place with child Kavya (Baby Shlaga S), various strange happenings in fact shocks the parents. The medicine of doctor to the child is decried. Three Mantavadis come to distance the evil forces – Atrupta Atmas seeking for liberation. In that Kumar father Athmas is slogging for not doing the Karma free from child.
The rest of the Athmas in Baby Kavya is controlled by a very isolated Mantrik son. In exchange there is asking from Kumar for setting the child free from trouble. That part is very interesting.
In fact the child character Baby Shlaga is the cynosure of all eyes in the film. The special effects added to it further enhance the stunning elements to the film. Ashok Raj as father and Spandana Prasad as mother have given convincing performance.
‘Kataka’ is presented by power star Puneeth Rajakumar on silver screen, the last message also comes from Power star Puneeth Rajakumar.
Iit is Ravi Basroor production and Omkar Movies – NS Rajakumar of a few super hit films is official producer with co producers N Sooraj Chaudhari, N Naren Chaudhari.
Sachin Basoor cinematography and Ravi Basoor music form main technical team members have given splendid work. There are only two songs in the film with good rendering.
A film by Ravi Basroor team effort is of course the best effort. You can easily watching this film.
3/5 ***
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