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Title – Kavalu Daari, Producer – Smt Ashwini Puneeth Rajakumar, Director – Hemanth Rao, Music – Charan Raj, Cinematography – Adwaitha Gurumurthy, Cast – Rishi, Anant Nag, Achyuth Kumar, Roshani Prakash, Sampath Kumar, Avinash, Suman Ranganath and others.

If you want to reach Rajajinagara from Malleswaram, if you select the path of Majestic, Anand Rao Circle, city railway station, Sujatha, Dr Rajakumar Road – what happens? It will be strenuous is it?

The same is the case of ‘Kavalu Daari’ in 144 minutes narration of Hemanth Rao of Godibanna Sadarana Maikattu fame. The point of keeping audience guessing is OK but to what extent? In this aspect the flashback technique, going to forty years ago is bit cumbersome route.

However, the film releasing from PRK – Parvathamma Rajakumar or Puneeth Rajakumar banner is timely because today April 12 is also the death anniversary day of Dr Rajakumar.

In the case of traffic cop taking up crime in his department could have been put it straight as a cop in the crime branch opening up the four decades old case of a family death.

There is no doubt that Hemanth Rao and team is intelligent. But putting it straight to the mouth it makes a round. In fact Hemanth Rao has enough of suspense elements in the film. That was enough to make it straight route.

Shyam a cop in traffic department come across the skeletons of a family that is later described as Gurudas Naidu, Gita and Baby Divya in a metro work spot. He wants to dig at this case but he is not permitted to do so because it belongs to crime branch.

Shyam shows interest and finds the clue that all the three members were murdered from forensic lab. That makes him further go in to the detail. He begs his seniors to get the facts of the matter. He goes to the old place of records section in his police department. He finds the closed case of Naidu family murder.

He picks interest further from this with the help of Muthanna (Anant Nag) who has handled the case then. As the detailing is worked out he finds the other members in the family of Naidu.

At this point of time the presence of two persons – a car driver Fernandez and Balu in the family of Naidu opens up more interest.

It is the greediness of driver Fernandez that has lead to a series of mishaps. Now Fernandez is sitting chief minister of state. How to go about it? You have to watch it on silver screen.

Rishi as cop in the film has given striking performance. He is supported well by versatile actor Anant Nag, Achyuth Kumar, Sampath Kumar, Roshani Prakash.

Anant Nag is very cool and steady – he is like Watermelon of this season. Anant Nag explaining the Emergency situation  country faced, and Khaki was earlier with White color are good information to the present generation.

Sampath Kumar has got a big break after ‘Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu’. The theatre back up for him to the role of Fernandez and Mailuru Srinivas as chief minister has come of great help. The costume, histrionics are perfect for a chief minister role. Achyuth Kumar is brilliant once again as journalist in this film. Roshani Prakash looks very fresh on screen.

The two songs of Charan Raj are haunting and so is his background score. Cinematographer Adwaitha Gurumurthy is impeccable in his work. Dialogues are well written.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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