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We all know the strength of an ant! It can even put a huge elephant in uncomfortable situation. Like that a common man crosses the border of his patience go to any extent to come out from the onslaught. This is what CV Shivashanker son Lakshman a techie has thought and told his director brother Venkat Bharadwaj. As elder brother was very conversant with cinema direction from A Day in the City and Bablusha the idea of younger was taken up for direction.

Venkat Bharadwaj had seen some gray hair personalities in and around Basavanagudi to pick a two times national award actor Dattanna to lead the team.
The shoot has been completed, the teaser was screened and posters are out in the market. The film was thought in last November and in this year beginning the shoot was completed.
Bhasi Bhasker a handsome actor CCL player, and official of SBI (recently we had seen this handsome actor in Nam Shabanam and MS Dhoni Hindi films) is a cop in this film. For a food like how salt is very important my role is similar in this film. But everything on screen is Dattanna he mentioned.

Umesh Banakar playing the role in this film was apprehensive with Dattanna as co actor. I would get scolding he thought but nothing of that sort happened. Banakar is in the company of Lakshman who plays Naidu role that sounds very interesting in the film complimented Dattanna. Lakshman has brought in the trauma he faced in the real estate in his role of Naidu.
Prashanth of USA is co producer and he associated with Venkat’s ‘Bablushah’ Kannada film. It has been good experience he feels. Venkat is a meticulous when he comes to cinema he mentioned. He was associated with Dr Srinath ‘Suli’ Kannada film too. Naveen is another co producer with Anil who is from Textile industry. All are from IT but I am from TI he pointed.

This film is going to make good progress when it is released is the confidence of Dattanna a senior actor of over 180 films. The effort, discipline and good concept makes me to address like this pointed Dattanna while elaborating on the making.
Venkat now settled in software business can leave his job and settle in cinema making observes Dattanna on his approach towards cinema. This subject ‘Kempirve’ is about a common man subject. When he is manipulated to the core what action he can take is described in this film. I have another boy Shreyas in this film. This is sure to go to a different level. Siblings are sure to rock with this observes Dattanna.

Roopa Hegde, Suni, Sayyaji Shinde and others are in the cast. There are four songs in this film. This is expected to release in August this year.
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