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Title – Kempirve, Producer – Amrutha Film Center, Direction – Venkat Bharadwaj, Music – Kishan, cinematography – Vishwa Avathi, Cast – Dattanna, Lakshman, Umesh Banakar, Sayajirao Shinde, Bhasi Bhasker, Dr Rajakamal, Shreyas, Roopa Hegde, Sneha Kappanna, Moogu Suresh and others.

The siblings have bombarded with a wonderful package for the family. Venkat Bharadwaj and Lakshman Bharadwaj have done wonders in ‘Kempirve’ that is very well supported by Dattanna and Umesh Banakar.

The dialogues, characters, situations, cinematography, background score, acting are very suitable to the present generation and also for the older generation - ‘Kempirve’ is a sweet bite for the audience to watch. The caption is ‘Kachchththe Jopana’ – don’t worry buy a ticket and watch this film without any second thought.

This should have been first film of director Venkat Bharadwaj who made ‘A Day in the City’ and ‘Bablushah’ in the past. The highpoint of this film is the story lent by his brother Lakshman Bharadwaj. Besides that Lakshman in the role of Naidu has given a fantastic performance. For Kannada cinema industry another ‘ACTOR’ is born. Veteran CV Shivashanker should feel proud of their sons.

The heritage property capture for Naidu and Damu is not that easy. A clever person Naidu with New Delhi connections ropes in a veteran of the Basavanagudi Colony Venkatesh Murthy (Dattanna). Venkatesh Murthy already fed up of losses for his investment facing insults in his remaining life after retirement finds a comfortable offer.

The beginning is good for Venkatesha Murthy but the realtor Naidu is very cunning and cut throat he knows at the later stages. As all heritage houses are in the mind of Naidu the things turn very uncomfortable for Venkatesh Murthy.

There is suspense, very appealing contents, good editing, wonderful back ground score with new concept and realtor way of life and the top police from New Delhi coming in – Venkat Bharadwaj has made it a national issue in his film.

Lakshman Bharadwaj should get a few awards. He has given a wonderful performance with some quality dialogues that is very appealing.

Dattanna at one point of time goes to the extent of Naseeruddin Shah of ‘A Wednesday’. Of course Dattanna is always a top class actor. Umesh Banakar has given his best, courier boy, Venkatesh Murthy best friend score very well in their performance.

This is a must watch film by the family audience. Venkat Bharadwaj and Lakshman Bharadwaj siblings can take up cinema and keep aside software profession. 

 4/5 **** 

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