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Posted date: 23 Tue, Oct 2018 10:50:20 AM

The apex body on Monday evening has mentioned that the ‘Sandhana Samithi’ at KFCC is having all abilities to solve the case of Shruthi Hariharan and Arjun Sarja case.

In the past we have solved many such cases. We are taking up the case because senior actor Rajesh has given a complaint against Shruthi Hariharan and said his son in law Arjun Sarja is innocent in this case.

Meanwhile the KFCC held meeting has arrived at the decision to handover the case to ‘Sandhana Samithi’ – after committee is set up in a few days both the parties will be invited to the KFCC and a proper solution will be arrived hopes KFCC President SA Chinne Gowda.

Sa Ra Govindu former KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu took strong objection to actor Chetan Kumar for his remarks. It seems he is behind all such confusion and chaos. I know the status of Chetan Kumar. He is nobody to speak on Kannada cinema industry. In KFCC we have settled so many cases. Instead of coming to KFCC no one should make an attempt to go to social media and media he strongly urged.

As the case of Shruthi Hariharan comes under the jurisdiction of judiciary as she has already working on documentation and Arjun Sarja has decided to file case – the Sandhana Samithi might not get both the parties in this case is also a fact.

Veteran KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar disclosed that we will not force anyone to come to us in this case. Dr V Nagendra Prasad KAFIDA president pointed that Sanjana case on director Ravi Srivatsav will be properly dealt.

KFCC Members Ba Ma Harish, Kari Subbu, KM Veeresh were present at the crowded media address.

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