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Title – KIDI, Producers – BT Mallikarjunaiah and R Dhananjay, Direction – Raghu S, Music – Emil, Cinematography – Benaka Raju, Cast – Bhuvan Chandra, Pallavi, Danny Kuttappa, Ugram Manju, Pawan, Yathiraj, Mamamohan Rai, Kavya and others.
This Friday release ‘Kidi’ a remake of Malayalam film ‘Kali’ (2016 March release) is a perfect example for all those who get angry for drop of very minute things. The anger in family life is very costly mistake. The sweet life gets hiccups from this ‘Anger’. It is better one ‘Hangs’ anger and lead a sweet life. The protagonist get angry for wrong things is accepted. But handling it in fiery style is not the good thought says this film at the outset.
The film does have very interesting elements that slowly educate on the repercussion of such anger filled situations. Especially when the wife is sent in a car in the midnight to get money from ATM to pay the Daba bill – one of the hotel person going in the car of Bhuvan and wife Pallavi to get bill amount and return back to Daba would have solved the tragedy ahead – the audience think, but director (Kali Malayalam director also) do not give a thought.
At the final year of studies Bhuvan and Pallavi decide to have registered marriage. Bhuvan is known for anger at the tip of his nose for any mistake. He has the same temperament throughout the film. Pallavi tries many methods to bring down anger in her husband. A series of incidents after marriage does not reduce his anger. You know my nature and I cannot change. If you want to live with me you may continue shocks Pallavi. She packs her luggage to reach her parents house in Agumbe.
The anger husband understands his fault. He goes in the car with Pallavi to Agumbe. On the way in the late hours in a Daba to fill the hunger both agrees. The developments at this Daba turn very difficult for both Bhuvan and Pallavi to handle. They don’t have currency in their pocket to meet the bill.
Pallavi will not be safe at this Daba and Bhuvan sends her to get money from ATM. The rival gang of Daba owner (Ugram Manju)- Manmohan Rai happens to land at this place to settle his old feuds.
There is suspense when Bhuvan is taken to custody for stab on Daba owner. Pallavi gets police protection on the high way when Danny Kuttappa is behind her chasing in a lorry.
Even at the end of the film Bhuvan declares that he will try to bring down his anger for his wife Pallavi.
Bhuvan Chandra in a full length role as hero has done justice. He is on fire always. His dialogue delivery should have been strong. He is too good in action portions.
‘Benne Biscuit’ is this debutant heroine Pallavi Gowda. She looks good and in a tearjerker she is very convincing. Ugram Manju, Yathiraj and Danny Kuttappa have given a neat performance.
3/5 ***
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