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Posted date: 7/December/2008

From Inthi Ninna Preethiya…to ‘Inthi Ninna Thayiya’…Srinagara Kitty travels in a subject that is filled with some chilling action and mother sentiment. ‘Idhu Sadhya’vagiddu via Dinesh Baboo film ‘Janumadha Gelathi’! For Kitty and Baboo the action is something new. The piercing of knife although not shown but it is effect is seen from expressions is something not expected from Dinesh Baboo’s ‘Yello Handkerchief’ Kannada version that is also having the shades of Malayalam film ‘Yathra’.

What is more interesting about this ‘Janumadha Gelathi’ is the mother and son sentiment. This is at the beginning of the cinema on silver screen and at the end of this film the son takes revenge on the killer of his mother – the step he had to take because he and his mother are not at fault. In the meantime he has his lover Manjula and the whole film is explained in the flash back technique.

For the one who has committed 14 murders just six years of imprisonment! Baboo should have contacted the judiciary friends in this regard. Why did he show Pooja Gandhi in such a pale make up? Why did he make such a boring first half? Why he was not able to handle the cinematography properly? All these questions remain when we come out of the theatre.

Gowrishanker is locked in problems with two rowdy gang of Gangappa and Khan fiercely out in the middle. He is not able to move out of Gangappa gang. How the travails travel in further reels and ends in revenge saga is the rest of the story.

Kitty is a cool killer when it comes to acting and taking revenge. Pooja Gandhi is wasted. One more film adds to her list of films. Avinash is convincing. Suresh Mangalore is depressing. Songs are below average.

How come so much of handkerchief available to tie the huge tree available in the village? You better ask Dinesh Baboo.

Banner – Golden Lion Films Division

Producer – C.R.Manohar

Story, cinematography, direction – Dinesh Baboo

Music – V.Manohar

Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Pooja Gandhi, Jayanthi, Avinash, Harish Rai, Suresh Mangalore, Killer Venkatesh, Kurigalu Prathap.

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