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Title – Kolaara, Producer – Lakshminarayana Gowda and Ramesh R, Direction – Arya Mahesh, Cinematography – Darshan Kanaka, Music – BR Hemanthkumar, Cast – Yogish, Naina Servar, Aditya Menon, Yethiraj, Nan Kadavul Rajendran, Sangeetha Balan, Kempe Gowda, Ninasam Ashwath, Shivamanju, Pooja and others.

A story of encounter, Mini Veerappan Robbery Joragide, Chinnada Neladalli Rakthadokuli, Based on Real Rumours – these are the claims made by director Arya Mahesh in the advertisements.

What about the film? It is protracted but hard effort is seen. Had this director refined in his screenplay cutting off at least 30 minutes, this would have been crisp life sketch of ‘Thangam’ – the rowdy who rules for seven years.

Like every rowdy is not made or born, but because of circumstances he attains the rowdy position, the life of Thangam (Yogish) is also like that. As a young boy Thangam seeing the most obnoxious happening in front of him, how can he keep quiet? That is the starting of fire in him. This society does not allow him to catch a right path. That is because of the environment.

Arya Mahesh giving the reasons for the ruckus in the life of Thangam showcases the ordeals in a befitting manner. The censor has controlled him from giving some more dastardly happenings on screen.

Thangam has good knack and he has friends supporting him. When it comes to mother he cannot withstand a small injury to her. In the nexus of two rival gangs, Thangam gives a shiver to the judge once by severely piercing a long weapon in the court hall. The deceased is closet of councilor. That is enough for further danger for him. In the meantime Thangam also falls in love. The super cop played by Kodihalli Chandrasekhar hatches a plot with another cop Shivakumar (played by Adhitya Menon). In this game to put down rowdy elements heads roll. Thangam mother is beaten that raises the tensed up situation on screen.

Thangam settles scores by putting down all the three route cause for his mother injury. Finally Thangam marries Vanaja (Naina Servar) but she is nothing but police informer to nab Thangam.

The cop who shoots Thangam – Shivakumar turns emotional and he fulfill the last wish of Thangam to breath last on the lap of his mother.

Yogish has given career best performance indeed. He has struggled hard, waited for long to release of this film. Naina Servar is impressive, Aditya Menon is superb, Yethiraj in his cop role gives his best, Kempe Gowda is OK, the mother of Thangam (must be Sangeetha Balan) is very talented.

This film ‘Kolaara’ is impressive in music. BR Hemanth Kumar gives very good tunes and background score is appealing, the cinematography of Darshan Kanaka captures all the moments of the film with great care.

Kolara Nannadu – illi china ide, anna illa says the protagonist. This is a film that once again says Rowdy and nefarious activities take places because of circumstances in the society.

Instead of Shikshe, Shikshana is important to avert such rowdies from wrong routes!

3/5 ***

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