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Title - Deal Raaja, Producer - Ravichandra Reddy and Krishnamurhy, Direction - Raj Gopi, Music - Abhiman Roy, Camera - Jai Anand, Cast - Komal Kumar, Bhanusri, Sadhu Kokila, Suman Rangahath, Bullet Prakash, Suchindra Prasad, Avinash, Sringeri Ramanna, MN Lakshmi Devi, Aruna Balaraj, Mithra, Tabla Naani, Kuri Pratap and others.

Komal Kumar is back with all the requisites of a commercial, comedy flick in addition to lovely songs and excellent screenplay, the script of MS Srinath is beautifully handled by director Raj Gopi. While Komal Kumar steals the show from his wit, appealing dialogue delivery and histrionics, it is Abhiman Roy who gives memorable moments with melody and cameraman Jai Anand is screen stealer from his lovely work.

The screenplay through is the interesting scorer till the last frame in the film. A deal Raja (Komal Kumar) is happy go lucky with brainy thinking always supporting him. He is grown up under the care of his grandmother. After a few pranks he is entrusted the task of tracing a lost man 20 years ago. That is Jai Jagadish for your knowledge.

A minister, Swamiji and a cop are behind a secretly hidden precious Kohinoor necklace and huge property document. Deal Raja tracing the right man accepts his deal money. That is not the end of the chapter. The new story begins with trace of Antony (Jai Jagadish).

For the huge recovery from a hidden place the direction is Prison. It is in this prison Komal Kumar comes on a self imposed punishment. It is all for good. The screenplay that unravels in the prison with lot of fun and intriguing moments is what you have to watch on silver screen.

It is another come back to Komal Kumar. He gives his best. He looks fleshy is not a complaint. Bhanushri is mesmerizing in two songs, Sadhu Kokila, Tabla Nani, Mithra, Kuri Pratap, Jai Jagadish, Avinash, Suman Ranganath add additional boost to the film.

Three are marvelous tunes in this film. Abhiman Roy should accept more offers to score music. Those who have not seen Chaalakudy falls – watch it in Ringa Ringa….song. Jai Anand has given best vision to the eyes.

It is a real ‘Sadagara’ time for Raj Gopi Soorya from this ‘Deal Raaja’. Producers have given right attention to right cinema that is full of entertainment values.

Go and have a treat.

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