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Posted date: 20/December/2009

The popular actor Komal Kumar the house hold name today in Karnataka has preferred not be a part of ‘Directors Special’ Kannada film in the direction of Guruprasad. Is it because of the controversial statements of Guruprasad against the Kannada Film Directors Association, is it because Komal Kumar made a good fore thought on the contents of ‘Directors Special’ repercussion? Komalkumar says he is not able to carry out such a project on his shoulders. When I attended the media meet at Grand Ashok Hotel I did not know the gravity of the contents of the film ‘Directors Special’. After knowing it from the director Guruprasad I have decided that I cannot do justice to this film. On Saturday morning I telephoned the producer Suresh and now I have come before the media to announce that I am not doing the film said Komalkumar.

When director Guruprsad was contacted on the spot he was surprised. Komal Kumar on mobile phone of a journalist expressed his in ability to be a part of this film to Guruprasad.

On the 5th year birthday of my daughter (that was going on in Innovative Film city) I am here to announce the inability to take the role. I will give back the advance. I am not strong enough at this juncture to take up this role. Even before the first shot is commenced it is right thing to come out. ‘Nanna Kayalli Aa role Madalu Agalla’! I cannot win the race means I should not participate is my policy. There is some disturbance in myself. There are many scenes that pooh-pooh the director fraternity via my role is also one of the reasons Komalkumr admitted. Even today I say I am director actor. ‘Jaggesh alla Jaggesh Appa Helidru I will not take up ‘Directors Special’ Kannada film said Komalkumar!

Komal Kumar brilliant in his observations pointed that for missing this role the loss is for him. Jaggesh the sibling of Komalkumar although consider Guruprasad as a very vibrant and intelligent has fought with him at the fag end of ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ Kannada film.

Later Guruprasad was contacted on his mobile phone with an SMS message – Give two sentences reactions to Komalkumar opting out of Directors Special film even before start – Guruprasad disclosed that he is ‘Kathege Baddha, Janakke Enu Beko Adhakke Baddha, someone decision does not deviate his thoughts. Asked further the Directors Association is having aversion to his statements might have advised Komalkumar, Guruprasad said it might be one of the reasons. I have come here as ‘Hatasha Prekshaka’. I have a vision to give something for Kannada cinema with new talent and new thoughts.

In case of ‘Fatwa’ for his direction comes from his own fraternity? I know English, Tamil and Telugu. I will take up non Kannada films for direction.

In future the opportunity for Komal Kumar is closed in his films? No Komal Kumar in my films in future.

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