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Title – KOTIGOND LOVE STORY, Producer HLN Raj, Direction – Jaggu Sirsi, Music – Keerthi Jain, Cinematography – Shanker, Cast – Rakesh Adiga, Shuba Punja, Hyder Elizabeth, HLN Raj, Sindhu Rao, Biradar, Joen, Lawrene, Charan, Vikas Chopra, MTV Trippal Lakshmi, Prashanth, Urmila Sonu and others.

From the field of education HLN Raj and Jaggu Sirsi have done a competent job in the debut film ‘Kotigond Love Story’.

The narration from the end to the beginning is of course a new pattern. The exotic nature beauty with lovely pair Shuba Punja and Rakesh Adiga giving good respite quite often plus the shark and stark realities are focused in this film. Yet the reasoning for death is not strong for the two protagonists.

Manasa and Rakesh are on tip of a place to commit suicide. They become friends. On invitation from Rakesh of having sex before death gets approval from Manasa. That is of course the box office point. After finding the happiness that they would have missed out – the duo move to several places to commit suicide as agreed. It does not happen once the flash back end. In the life of the lovers enters villains and a very sensible doctor (played by producer HLN Raj). How much of support the lovers get from doctor, how the film finishes is what you have to watch it on silver screen.

The real ‘Laddu’ (Dr Rajakumar Laddu was distributed free to ticket buyers at narthaki theatre) of the film is Shuba Punja. The Kannada audience have not seen Shuba Punja in such revealing costumes. Her physical strength is a good draw to the theatres. Her dialogue is not adequate. It is babyish. Rakesh has freaked out in his role. His intimate scenes with Shuba Punja are of course bonus. HLN Raj is quite OK in the doctor role.

There are a few hummable and melodious tunes. Cinematography could have been better as the lighting in outdoor has become a problem.

Worth watching once!

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