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TITLE – KUSHI KUSHIYAGI, Banner – HPR Entertainment, Direction – Yogi G Raj, Music – Anoop Reuben, Cinematography – Srisha, Cast – Ganesh, Amoolya, Nandini Rai, Sadhu Kokila, Silli Lalli Anand, Achyuth Kumar, Sangeetha and others.

 It is likely to be a hat trick in the box office from Ganesh and Amoolya pair. The third film of the duo that created sensation from ‘Cheluvina Chittara’ and ‘Shravani Subramanya’ has hit the silver screen. The film is good in all respects. The most enjoyable is second half.

A remake film of Telugu ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayidi’ is worth a watch because of the feel the film gives in the entertainment films. The audience would know that there is something wrong. They sit in the theatres and find out how the protagonist comes out from the circle in which he is trapped.

First congratulations to costume designer turned director Yogi G Raj. Every shot and every costume he has used for the film looks grand. From such selection he has made the film look good and pleasant.

Affluent boy Raj is living in India and his parents are living abroad. He wants a girl who strikes the brain and touch the heart. That is Priya (Nandini Rai) he finds in Sadhu marriage. When Sadhu finds the mobile number of Priya he fumbles and the number goes to another beautiful looking girl Nandini (Amoolya).

Raj is under the impression Priya is in touch with him over telephone and he calls her as Chinnu. Actually Raj is speaking to wrong number he was given – that is Nandini. The conditions laid down by Nandini that he should see her only after one week results in some jolt in the friendship. This period is also misunderstanding in Raj, Anand, Nandini and Priya.

Anand is in real love with Priya, over telephone Raj is in love with Chinnu that is Nandini but when Priya comes before him he is under mistake.

Fed up of Raj, Nandini decide to teach him a lesson. She comes to his office as boss. In the office work Raj falls in love with Nandini – this is exactly what the audience also wanted to happen.

How the situation comes under control before Raj says ‘Kallarannu Nambidru Kulliran Nambardu’ you have to watch it on silver screen.

Ganesh is superb not only in looks but also in his performance. Anand has done well. Amoolya is too good in her acting and looks. Nandini Rai making debut has given good performance. She looks good and has good future in cinema field.

This 151 minutes and 8 seconds ‘Kushi Kushiyagi’ is also opening a good future for Yogi G Raj. The songs Athiyayithu….Are Are …Maththe Hadithu Hrudaya Kushi Kushi Aaagi….are wonderful numbers.

Srisha Kuduvalli has done extremely good job in camera. Anoop Reuben has given fresh tunes we believe for this remake. Then he also gets applaud for the music.

A good treat for Kannada audience on the 1st of January from ‘Kushi Kushiyagi’!

Score – 4/5

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