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What a fine game ‘Kabbaddi’ - the national game is used for the first time in Kannada cinema and made in a worth watching style by debutant director Narendra Babu. The game and love interspersed with friendship, the songs and fabulous cinematography the perfect use of Mandya Kannada and Uttar Kannada language further gives extra edge for this film. The dialogues are so natural and two key performers – both newcomers Praveen and Priyanka done extremely well.

If ‘Lagaan’ is to cricket, ‘Chak De India’ is to Hockey then ‘Kabbaddi’ Kannada cinema is to ‘Kabbaddi’ game. The love interest is major quotient in any film and this is what debutant director Narendra Babu with a very tight screenplay adding natural power required to the cinema. The street language of Mandya district is so well written by director himself and Hoo Pattanashetty writing the Uttar Kannada style gives altogether different flavor. In addition to all Hamsalekha has once again given splendid account for the new team with lovely lyrics and scorings.

‘Kabbaddi’ a gutsy game is made in the ‘Khadad’ style. Every pai of your ticket is returned and it gives ‘Chakrabaddi’ of return for face value of your ticket. The ‘Desi’ game getting the ‘Desi’ touch is the high point of this film.

Praveen hailing from a poor family is not educated in English. He is working as a coolie. He is picked by Kabbaddi coach Beeresh and proper training is given for the Mandya Blues team. While learning English at the house of Priya the obvious happens. Praveen and Priya fall in love and that is the biggest drawback for this guy. The village head daughter is Priya and there is strong opposition. Such a fine player in Kabbaddi Praveen is asked to get out of the village despite of strong opposition imposed by Priya in her house. Praveen comes forward for sacrifice of his kidney because he wants his Kabaddi friends to come out from the prison. Knowing the caliber the rich man always behind gambling agrees to give Rs.5 lakh for the release and gambler wife Sriraksha comes forward to get the bail for Praveen friends who are behind the bars. At this point of time the Arjuna award winner in national level ‘Kabbaddi’ game BC Ramesh joins the team of Praveen and he is the one who gives the final touches to the film.

Praveen wins the game of his life and love!

Praveen has the required punch and roughness. He has understood the role very well. He has good future ahead.

Banner -Visthara and Kandaya, Producers – GK Ravi, K Raju, G Kishore Kumar, Anoop Gowda, N Asha, D.V.Rajendra Prasad, Story, screenplay, direction – Narendra Babu, Music and lyrics – Hamsalekha, Cameraman – Ananth Urs, Cast – Praveen, Priyanka, Kishore, Dharma, Avinash, Sriraksha, CGK Kiran and others.

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