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Title – Lakshminarayana Prapanchane Bere, Producer – Vinayaprasad, Direction – Vinayaprasad, Music, Story, Screenplay – Jyothiprakash Atre, Cinematography – JG Krishna,  Cast – Vinayaprasad, Manjunath Hegde, Prathama Prasad, Deepu, Jyothiprakash and others.
Another new lady director is born in Kannada cinema. It was expected of good results from Vinayaprasad in her new avatar. She has lived up to the expectation with a convincing family subject in ‘Lakshminarayana Prapanchane Bere’.
All Television fans of Karnataka dress up to watch Vinayaprasad ‘LNPB’ in theatres that will be a great respect to this actress of high ranking in five languages of South India. This ‘Prapancha’ is full of sacrifice that appeals to all married people of this society.
Lakshmi and Narayan are leading good life till their children are living with them in the house. When the children go for higher studies to Canada, the problem starts with Lakshmi that we will know second. The problem with which director Vinayaprasad comes up with is that of Narayana.
Narayana is going back to the ages and behaving like Raavan, Hanuman etc. All such strange behavior is cause of worry for Lakshmi. She goes to psychiatrist for treatment to her husband.
Lakshmi even leaves the house to set right Narayana. Narayn knows well how to bring her back to home. As the last resort, the psychiatrist attempt to take Narayana to the future tense. He miserably fails.
Why Narayana is behaving like that in his life? It is not right to explain in the review because the overall enjoyment you have to get inside the theatres.
Vinayaprasad is at best in performance and direction. She has taken care of a very small thing in her direction. For Manjunath Hegde as Narayan – award should shower for his performance. If an award is not given to Manjunath Hegde, then there is some problem in the committees. He is such a fine actor and steals the show more than Vinayaprasad.
The director Vinayaprasad should have controlled the acting of Buddijeevi Buddimaan a doctor role played by her husband Jyothiprakash Atre. Ruthu as wife of psychiatrist, Deepu son of veteran cameraman JG Krishna and Pratham Prasad have given a neat performance.
One song sung by Rajesh Krishna is very well composed and rendered. Jyothiprakash Atre story, screenplay and dialogues are convincing. He can deliver more such results but not try in acting.
The cinematography of JG Krishna is very compact and gives the mood for the film. Editing is also on a top class standard.
This is a film you cannot miss at any cost. Vinayaprasad is victorious in her debut direction.
3/5 ***
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