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Title – Last Bus, Banner – Goals and Dreams, Producers – B Krishnappa, Gururaj Kulkarni, GNS Reddy, Prashanth Kallur, SD Aravind, Direction – SD Aravind, Music – SD Aravind, Cinematography – Ananth Urs, Cast – Avinash Narasimharaju, Meghshri Bhagavathar, Manasa Joshi, Samarth, Raka Shanker, Lokesh Achar, Prakash Belavadi and others.

It is a powerfully narrated cinema with ‘Belief’ as main concept with psychology and thrill. The sarcastic way of reality shows in present scenario receives brickbats from Prakash Belawadi and his team that hatch a plot to raise the TRP and beat the rival channels.

However the ingredients of a taut screenplay, good acting, hard work, good sound usage, graphic presentation, one unforgettable Dhoori Dhoori Song, mesmerizing cinematography from Ananth Urs pulls you to watch this film without fail. Just after having Sankranthi feast come to ‘Last Bus’ for another brilliant piece of entertainment for your mind and heart.

SD Aravind has struggled hard and worked on so many fronts to give a sterling film. He leaves to the audience to conclude on his make belief theory. He is surely a studious director and one from Hasya Chakravarthy Narasimha Raju generation getting into superb technicalities of cinema deserves applaud.

The disclosure of TV channel product could have been delayed by SD Aravind. That is the only tolerable flaw from his side. The division of Dhoori song to all the five characters inside the danger house is well crafted.

The 131 minutes and 12 seconds film gives a pleasant feel to the eyes with hills and forest greenery captured from the top angle. The mist filled situations are lovely from Ananth Urs. He reminded ‘Nanu Nanna Kanasu’ in his work.

Mamata, Seethakka, Prithvi, Sudhakara, Sahasra, Rita and bus driver Tanka are locked in a dilapidated house. This is shown as a place where 10 people are buried who all died on the same day. First to escape from the gang is driver Tanka. Later with some fear filled moments for the five inmates we get to know the plot of this development is made by a television channel boss Sandy (Prakash Belawadi). When things are in horrifying position the shiver starts for all the five. The devil force is introduced at this point. That is Mallika as Maayi. When the cradle inside the house where five are locked from all quarters is torn in to pieces the witchcraft opens up for more fear. All the inmates are punished. On the other side there is heavy disturbance at the TV channel that is camped at a far off place.

In the end you have to watch what really happens to all the characters in the film.

Full marks to all the characters – Sahasra role actor has good future. Samarth making debut is convincing. The fear psychosis in Manasa Joshi, Meghasri Bhagavathar and Deepa Gowda has come out well. Avinash Narasimha Raju strikes very well. Prakash Belawadi in his wit and cunning style is brilliant.

One song of Dhoori… well composed. Background score and recording of dialogues is a treat. Ananth Urs would definitely bag a few awards for his dexterity.

This is a wonderful feast and notable feat from SD Aravind and team.

Score – 4/5

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