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Title – Londanalli Lambodhara, Producer – London Screens, Direction – Raj Surya, Music – Pranav, Cinematography – Panidhar Revanur, Cast – Santhu, Shruthi Prakash, Sampath Raj, Sadhu Kokila, Achyuth Kumar, Sudha Belawadi, Vijalakshmi Devi and others.

The brain drain is not off late. It has been happening since two and half decades. Here is a guy who believes in astrology and looks forward for his destiny in London. What is the net result? It is like Doorada Betta Nunnage…famous proverb in Kannada.

Raj Surya in his debut is colorful, talkative, funny, and melodious in music and cinematography is excellent part of the film. Produced by London Screens and My Master ‘LL’ is having good impression and you can easily walk in to the theatres.

At a very young age Lambodara (Santhu) is a good friend of Rashmi (Shruthi Prakash) and at his house he is guarded carefully by his father Achyuthkumar, mother Sudha Belawadi and grandmother Vijayalakshmi Devi. Lambodara is very fond of astrology as a few of his dreams have come true. One of the fake tells him that he would reach London. But Lambodara wants his favorite astrologer Ekadanda (Sampath Raj) to give the fortune of his life.

Ekadanta has a different angle in his life. To boost his image he started off as a columnist and later he did it for survival. When astrology did not pay good dividends he moved to different field of business.  Knowing that there is a guy Lambodhara who is fond of his astrology, Ekadanta takes some more steps that plays vital role in the life of Lambodhara.

Lambodara destiny is written by Ekadanta. Lambodara even goes to London but he is caught in a piquant situation when he goes behind Dora, daughter of a minister. When things go further wrong, Lambodara is fixed in anti national activity. Finally Ekadanta comes to the scene to explain the reality for Lambodara. Both jointly release the Minister from captivity and fly back to India.

Santhu in his debut looks good, acted well but his dialogue delivery is not convincing. Shruti Prakash in her debut is very serene in looks and leaves a feeling like having tender coconut in this hot summer. Sampath Raj has a different kind of role and he even fights like hero in this film.

Achyuth Kumar as concerning father is appealing; Sudha Belawadi and Grandmother Vijayalakshmi Devi actress have done well. The dialogues for Grandmother Vijalakshmi Devi are well written.

There are two lovely tunes from Pranav and excellent part of the film is Phanidhar Revanur, Prashanth Rajappa dialogues are convincing at places.

Londalli Lambodara is worth watching.

Rating:3.5/5 ****

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