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Title – Loud Speaker, Producer – Dr K Raju, Direction – Shivathejas, Music – Harshavardhana, Cinematography – Kiran Hampapura, Cast – Bhasker Ninasam, Kavya Shah, Sumanth Bhat, Disha Divakar, Karthik Rao, Abhishekh Jain, Anusha, Rangayana Raghu, Dattanna, Jaya, Anupama and others.

This is a wholesome family entertainer. All those who have mobile set in their name should watch this film and take some advice given by Rangayana Raghu character. On India nuclear bomb has exploded in the advent of mobile phones. The human relationship has gone, the effects of keeping mobile in pocket touching the body is also very precarious in long range is discussed in this film as a precaution to everyone.

The best part of the film is the ‘Dangerous Game’. It is a dinner table of an ultra modern friends Sumanth Bhat a doctor and wife, Bhasker Ninasam and Kavya Shah, Abhijit Jain and Anusha with divorcee Karthik at a party.

In a small portion Dattanna and B Jaya join this game and that creates ripples in their family. The fun and danger is what when all agree to make it ‘Loud Speaker’ on for everyone to hear. Hesitantly all agree to this game proposed.

The secrecy of all starts oozing out when the calls come. This creates some serious atmosphere and betrayal part with spouse. There are some best moments also when the doctor Sumanth gives an up to date advice to his wife sister over a telephone call. The emotional point is when the mother of Ninasam Bhasker calls.

The entire narration of director Shiva Thejas for the script of Abhijit Jain is when Kavya goes missing and the six of the dinner table search and land up in police station. The narration is interesting from here with cop Rangayana Raghu.

It is better you see the film without fail and get to know what mistake you should not do and how safe when the transparency is adopted in married life.

This is the best of producer Dr Raj who made ‘Dhairyam’ and undoubtedly the best of director Shiva Thejas.

The shooting location is only three places and it reminds of ‘Garagasa’ Kannada cinema that went on to become super hit. This ‘Loud Speaker’ is also having such qualities. It is mainly because it is touching everyone who has a mobile in life and maintains secrecy.

Even for elderly people ‘Dekbal’ the error done by the younger generation is very convincingly told in the narration.

All seven at the dining table are very good in their portions. Karthik Rao as gay earns more for his unique style of Kannada diction. The episode of mobile exchange with Abhijit is another interesting portion of this film.

Rangayana Raghu with his strong dialogue delivery gives a very strong message in the end. The excess of mobile dependency is so bad for life Rangayana Raghu informs is most wanted topic.

The editing, background score, dialogues written for the film – all have the strength to compete at the national level.

One can loudly say that this is a best film for you to watch.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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