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Title – Love in Mandya, Producer – Uday K Mehta, Direction – Arasu Anthaare, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Sugnan, Cast – Ninasam Satish, Sindhu Lokanath, Rajendra Karanth, Manjunath, Sudhakar and others.

You can give easily offer a ‘Shille’ for this film. ‘Shille’ is also one of the character name in the film ‘Love in Mandya’. Arasu Anthare – Enanthare? Jana Enanthaare  – it is good film anthaare! First of all this lyricist turned director has not crossed his limits. He has made a simple love story, wonderful musical film from Anoop Seelin and for the treat to the eyes Sugnan proves his mettle in just one song how best he is in his work.

The dialogue given to a school girl and ‘Shille’ is a little beyond the age. It is not that extreme is the satisfaction.

The love that begins in Mandya for Karna and Sushma (also called as Susu) – played by Satish Ninasam and Sindhu Lokanath travels to Hosur for a living.

The cable connection that Karna gives to the new house of his locality where Sushma is living indicates that they are in deep love. After ‘Opkond Bitlu Kanla….the fear for Sushma is that she has to give nod for the selection of her parents. Crossing this fear she runs away from the house. They take the help of cable operator Basappa and that lands them in the custody of Periyandar.

There are four baddies in Hosur working under Periyander cause all sorts of trouble. The anger on Periyander leads to his end, second finish the foursome plan miss (look at the superstition of Arasu Anthaare at this point of time) and third finish they plan on ‘Shille’ is horrible. Later part is how Karna takes revenge and return to Gajjelegere in Mandya. Finally it is future in Mandya! The parents also by this time decide to keep quiet on the issue.


Ninasam Satish anguish and attention in the performance is appreciable. Shille and sister of Sindhu Lokanath gather more attention.

Sindhu Lokanath is pretty and innocent. When it comes to romance she is very good. The song especially Ondu Apooroopada Gaana Idu….the duo bring back olden days memories. The song Opkond Bitlu Kanla….has already became a rage. Ye Maava Nin Baayig Mann Haaka….is filled with humor in lyrics.

Sugnan has given some special shots in the songs and the natural locations are shown as it is. Uday K Mehta has picked another interesting film for his career in film production.

‘Love in Mandya’ is a film for not only lovers but also for elders. The children have their share too. Go and enjoy.

Score – 4/5

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