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Title – Rajahamsa, Producer – Janamana Cinemas, Direction – Jadesh Kumar Hampi, Music – Joshua Sridhar, Cinematography – Arur Sudhakar, Cast – Gowrishikar, Ranjini Raghavan, Dr Sridhar, Yamuna, Vijay Chendur, BC Patil, Bullet Prakash, Harsharjun, Raju Thalikote and others.
What is the kind of cinema that is applauded by the audience is the big question in the minds of film makers. The ‘Raja Hamsa’ team headed by Gowrishikar and Jadesh Kumar given a good thought in this 144 minutes cinema that is rich in contents, beautiful in locations, melodious in songs and pleasant acting.
Is it enough. No. Gowrishikhar knows something else should be given. He has given the significance of our culture and art and laced it with the love story. He brings in a villain for him. Winning the heart of the heroine is not that easy for ‘Coffee and Culture’ boy. He impersonates the work of another to win the heart. When the heroine knows that it is a cup of coffee enough for the protagonist, she dodges him for a long time. You know how the present day girls think. Hamsaakshi is one such she wants to get airlifted and so she enjoys the moving around of the protagonist Raj.
For the entire first half Raja is behind Hamsa. He is not aware that she is enjoying this falling behind. After interval he follows her to her village where Hamsa father a respected personality is a great admirer to theatre plays. When Raja is compelled to stay at this home, the challenge is thrown to Raja and his family. The challenge is that they should perform a play. The affluent Raja family never falls behind. They rope a drama master Raju Thalikote for shaping up them. The ‘Abhimanyu’ episode of the Kurukshetra is picked for rehearsal. What happens at this point of time? You have to watch it on silver screen. Whether Raja discloses the real identity of diary he passed it on to Hamsa? How the acceptance for marriage comes up? Better watch for your delight.
Ranjani Raghavan is a heroine to stay for long in the Kannada cinema industry. She has the acting freeness, expressions are superb. The hero Gowrishikhar is not less in anyway. He has speedy dialogues, looks very sweets, dances well and adjust very well to family drama films.
There is some grand performance from BC Patil and Dr Sridhar, the dialogue delivery of Raju Thalikote is sure to tickle your bones. Vijay Chendur is there to further humor.
Joshua Sridhar first song in the film is a typical one. The film Rajahamsa takes us for a journey to various places. The Bharathi song….is well done in costumes and dance, another duet of Gowrishikhar and Ranjani Raghavan is pretty good.
No qualms to watch this film. It is a Pukka family treat for you. Have a coffee with Rajahamsa!
3/5 ***


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