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Title – Ondalla Eradalla, Producer – Smt Smitha Umapathi, Direction – D Sathyaprakash, Music – Vasuki Vybhav and Nobin Paul, Cinematography – Livith, Cast – Master PV Rohith, Saikrishna Kudla, MK Matha, Anand Ninasam, Prabhidev Hosadurga, Nagabhushan, Ramjan Sab Ullagaddi, GS Ranganath, UV Nanjappa, Thimmappa Kulal, Sandhya Arakere, Usha Ravishanker, Triveni M Vasishta and others.

It is ‘Bhanu Sathya Prakasha Cinema’ – The focal point is ‘Bhanu’ – the cow in the house of a Muslim family sounds very interesting. What happens when the small boy of the house is immensely attached to it especially when the cow is missing?

Sathya Prakash of Rama Rama Ray has given another ray of hope that he is a very smart in handling good subject and directing it. The way in which he had shown the Hindu Muslim unity in the film is found all over – it would be a good society without any communal clashes.

Mini Mini Happy Returns of the day for the birth of Sathyaprakash second film. The one who utters this ‘Mini Mini Happy Returns’ is as fond to the audience as the film. It is a neatly arrived screenplay first of all. Actors, technicians and production values are in top orders.

There is nothing when compared to HUMANITY in life. It is something more than GOD. This is what when you conclude when you watch this film ‘Ondalla Eradalla’.

The pulse of the audience Sathyaprakash has understood very well and with all new actors in this film has given a top ranking film in Kannada. It is time he concentrates on his third film and hit a hat trick.

It is 132 minutes and 19 seconds ‘Ondalla Eradalla’. Young Sameera is very fond of his cow Bhanu. Both hail from a Muslim community. This family has close acquaintance to a Hindu family. The funny and naughty Sameera after many pranks in the village misses his very affectionate cow Bhanu. The sole intention of Sameera is to search for Bhanu. He has a drawing of Bhanu on a piece of paper written by his sister.

It is the search of Bhanu that drives various personalities and humanity is at core in this search of Bhanu for Sameera. Sameera struggles for search and his innocence is sometime brings more difficult situations for him. He is not bothered at any cost.

When the two Hindu and Muslim family members go in search they are shocked to know the cow in the vehicle of Rafiq met with an accident. All except Sameera are under the impression that Bhanu is no more. You have some surprises at the end of the film. It is better you watch it on silver screen.

Young boy Rohit as Sameera is very natural and Saikrishna Kudla at one point of time is heart touching. Another character in search of his missing son is so emotional and melts your hearts. Mini Mini Happy Returns actor is bound to get more roles in the coming days.

In the hustle and bustle of horror and action films in Kannada this ‘Ondalla Eradalla’ is very refreshing to watch. The music of Vasuki Vybhav haunts very much and Livith cinematography is very promising.

‘Ondalla Eradalla’ you have no reason to miss this film.

 Rating:4/5 ****

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