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Posted date: 27/March/2009

Returning back to yet another action film after five years Malashri has shown that she is in tact and absolutely fit for action roles. She is the action queen of Kannada cinema no doubt about it. In this long drawn out, swashbuckling cinema ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’ she has participated in action scenes that have not been tried out so much by any heroine in Indian cinema. She has done her own stunts that are something more than what a hero does on silver screen.

Director Om Prakash and producer Ramu combination has given a mass action movie. Director Om Prakash in the 25th film of Ramu has captured some exhilarating stunts that are mind-blowing and peerless. How the director goes on heightening the image of the role is interesting. When one prominent character ends he shoots up the mileage for another with the same zeal and zenith.

No compromise is the slogan of Kannadadha Kiran Bedi. How she handles Naga, D Souza, Mobile Nachappa, Bhoopathi, Muni, Vickey is something fabulous. What she earns fighting against these anti social elements able to control 224 MLA’s and 29 MP’s of Karnataka? It is penalty of death for Kiran Bedi.

Police like Kote Bagilu, Kidi, sutre benki hatkondu uridre Boodhi. Kiran Bedi urges the people who are on wrong path how long can you fear me, you cannot cheat my eyes. Instead of nefarious activities do the job of a carpenter, Mesthri, Coolie – they are the real rich people in heart. Kashta Patre Trupthi Sigatte, Sell vegetable, do condiment job, thilokolli thidhkolli, but don’t follow the underworld to lead your life she says.

The great crime fighter Kiran Bedi knows how to bit those who paint black to the rule books. Law is like two eyes to her. Those who oppose the law their eyes will be plucked. The stars from the sky, the arrow aimed cannot be controlled. Like that Kiran Bedi.

Perfectly who suit Kiran Bedi in weight and looks goes to Madhurai. This time to book Vickey son of most wanted underworld don Bhoopathy who is wanted in Shwetha murder case. Vickey is a notorious person. For his happiness his father Bhoopathy has arranged for water bed in all the rooms. Kiran Bedi search him in Madhurai and utters dialogues to another notorious lady don – Ye Thale novu bandaga neen sedhi bisako Ganesha Beedi all naanu.. Kiran Bedi mind it she says. The lengthy and chilling action scene demolishes the era of that lady don and she efficiently end the rule of Vickey.

Back in front of Bhoopathy she says 3ne class odhiro ninage ishtondu criminal brain idre naanu IPS odirolu nanageshtu criminal buddi irabedi. I am not deepa but Jwaale she says. That is what earns her the death.

So what with so much of turn of events before interval? We have Bellary Bagyalakshmi (Malashri again) the pick pocket. The father of Kiran Bedi a constable Srinivasamurthy noticing Bagyalakshmi makes a daring attempt to bring her back to Bangalore as Kiran Bedi again.

This is last alarm call for the notorious criminals. Bagyalakshmi as Kiran Bedi pays from the same coin for the criminals. For the land mafia she applies the emotional tactics. She is instrumental in Bhoopathy losing the Kalasipalya by election to a beggar. Bhagyalakshmi is no less in power compared to Kiran Bedi. She says to criminals – ‘Odhre Akasha Bidre Pathala, Bhoomi Mele Badhuko chance Illa….you would surely clap the dialogue writer Ranganath.

Finally it is proved in the court of law that she is wrong for donning Kiran Bedi role. But before that the efficient lawyer argues in favor of her and sees to it all the dons – Bhoopathy, D souza and Mobile Nachappa are put behind the bars as he make them to accept that they killed Kiran Bedi.

Malashri is at her best again. The power and determination she has put in something great. Hot-blooded roles she has struggled hard and only minus point is her tubbiness. Sometimes we feel even this is necessary because a ‘Sanaklu’ cannot fight like this unless he or she is an expert in some format like Kungfu, Karate etc.

Srinivasamurthy is precise for the role. His ability to emote is something marvelous. Those who are in to acting can learn how to emote from Srinivasamurthyji.

Excellent stunts and very fine cinematography is additional boon to this cinema. Rangayana Raghu fills the gap of comedy. When he advises Bhoopathy to keep dog as the symbol because actress Ramya gives 100 kisses to the dog every day you would not stop laughing.

Hamsalekha background score and three songs heighten the value of the film.

This is a mass film surely going to make a point to the society. For anti social elements there is tough answer from the cop called Kiran Bedi.

Go watch this film and enjoy!

Banner – Ramu Enterprises

Producer – Ramu

Direction – N Omprakash Rao

Music and Lyrics – Hamsalekha

Cinematography – KM Vishnuvardhana

Dialogues – Ranganath

Cast – Malashri (double role), Srinivasamurthy, Shivaparvathi, Baby Ananya Ramu, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Ashis Vidyarthi, Kote Prabhakar, GV Mahesh, Dharma, Bullet Prakash and others.

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